Most parents recognize that dreaded feeling in the pit of their stomach when their child asks them for math practice help. You know that feeling, don’t you? No matter how much you possibly love math, explaining the abstract concept of place value to a kindergartner is tricky at best and confusing at worst.

Pedagogical practices have changed enough to render how we, as parents, learned in school to be obsolete. “Mom, this is not how the teachers teach me!” Or “This is not how we learned this in school” is a common refrain during homework.

Suffice to say, finding a math practice resource that entertains digital natives while it sneaks in learning and fun is easier said than done. But, there’s hope yet.

Matific Galaxy: Hands-on math practice for children; hands-off for parents.

Matific Galaxy is a self-guided, award-winning math platform designed keeping in mind the pedagogical principles and best practices in teaching and learning of mathematics. It has been designed to help children learn core math skills using a fun and engaging approach.  According to an academic study conducted by Professor Catherine Attard, Matific helped improve primary students’ test results on average by 34%.

Matific Galaxy has been developed to help children develop a conceptual understanding of mathematics and problem-solving skills with their well-researched and age-appropriate online math questions.

Matific Galaxy is a rigorous supplementary math practice resource to go along with the procedure-heavy Indian textbooks.

Matific Galaxy can be used on any browser across any device. It also has an offline mode which saves progress and syncs when connected again.

Gamified Math Learning For A Virtual Math Playground 

Bright colors, cool graphics, and popping sounds reminiscent of video games greet students as soon as they log in to the app. Young children will naturally gravitate towards math learning which looks and sounds fun and can be manipulated rather than paper-pen workings on endless worksheets.

Matific Galaxy: Online math pratice platform

Parents – Be reassured that the levels are set up so each subsequent level is unlocked only after the previous level is successfully completed.

Matific Galaxy: Online math pratice platform

You can set your child’s learning goal on the app by going to the parent’s zone and using the sliding bar to set the practice time per week.

Matific Galaxy 3: Online math pratice platform

A comprehensive online math learning progress dashboard for parents

The report lists all dimensions of math learning relevant for the parent in one glance. There are categories such as ‘Practice Results’ which separate the progress into ‘strongest subjects’ and ‘needs more math practice’ (with recommended practice games)

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Math Motivation, too!  Which parent wouldn’t love this?

The dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of topics covered, the percentage of syllabus completed, weekly time spent on the app, and motivational messages that you can send to your child.

Matific Galaxy 4

Fun with numbers:  Build your child’s mathematical rigor in 3 strands of learning – Conceptual understanding, problem-solving, and mathematical reasoning.

Having played through the higher primary (4-6 grade) levels in Matific Galaxy, we were pleasantly surprised at the depth and complexity of problems presented. There were 3D figures made up of blocks that could be virtually rotated and students had to count the number of blocks in the figure. 

It was a delight to ‘play’ and a welcome change from counting 2D blocks on paper.

Matific Galaxy 6

Here are some examples of uniquely presented math concepts which are undoubtedly fun to learn:

Pattern identification where the student manipulates the objects into the correct pattern.

Matific Galaxy 7

Complex and abstract concepts such as balancing equations are presented through real-world, visual examples such as the one below where children can visualize the two sides and literally ‘balance’ the scale.

Matific Galaxy 8

Games such as the ones below develop observational skills in addition to core math.

Matific Galaxy 9

Math homework help: A fun, engaging supplement to dry worksheets and textbooks

Matific Galaxy can come in handy rigorous supplementary math practice resource to go along with the procedure-heavy Indian textbooks and is particularly useful as a conceptual reinforcement program. It serves to fill the gaps left by books that focus too heavily on operations and procedures in math. 

Matific Galaxy Cost details:

Matific Galaxy is priced at INR 299/month for a monthly plan and INR 210/month for the annual plan.

In short, it can be considered as a valuable after school enrichment program that solidifies your child’s conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills. 

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*This post is sponsored by Matific*