Many a time, we underestimate the power of those little minds!

As usual, I was driving the girls to their dance class and back home. Our conversation generally veers from what happened in the class to their friends, to animals, to science to ideas to…. Toda, it was about what one should do in life to get rich. Anameya’s first suggestion is that I become a priest in Tirupati so that I can get rich quick! I told them the money does not belong to the priest and hence its not a good idea. Although they were not convinced they went on thinking newer ways. They said something to the effect which every one should follow – “One has to do something new to be able to make a lot of money”. I asked Ananya why it was so. Her answer- if the product we make wasn’t existing and every one had a need for the same, they have to pay more to get our product!!! Damn, the little one had cracked the formula of an entrepreneur!

Next comes the big bouncer. she says, “Appa, lets start a shop. lets sell everything for very very low price. If one person buys, he will go and tell his friend. His friend will come. Like this,every one gets to know that we are selling forlow price. If everyone gave us 1 rupee each, we will get rich by the number of people coming in!”


And I don’t know where she got this idea from!!! But it was mind boggling to hear this from her little mind and enormous thinking!

Quite some perspective there for me from the 2 little fellas!!!

Try talking to your kids about ideas and am sure they will blow your mind in more ways than you can imagine!!!