Kids Product Idea

The ‘TING’ moment

Little minds and great ideas!

Ameya couldn’t resist giving her own idea when Ananya was sprinting with hers. So here we go with Ameya.

“Appa, you know what I have an idea (thats how she starts all the time). I will make a ring which is very very very very expensive (thats how expensive it can get!). Now lets put that in a box where a thief can steal. I will make a hand which can tickle someone. So when the thief comes to take the ring, this hand will tickle him. He will laugh and laugh. The noise will wake us up and we can inform the police. They will come and catch the thief. Thats all! (thats how she ends her brilliant ideas!)”

Am amazed at the way these two think about product ideas, at times way beyond the capacities (or I think am limited in thinking so). Does this prove that an untethered, free flowing mind can spring ideas in gazillions??

PS: More to come!