Legendairy Milk is an organic supplement company that helps nursing and pumping mothers boost their breastmilk production with an honest, raw, and informative approach. The company was founded by mompreneur, Luna Feehan, who was deeply concerned that perceived inadequate milk supply was the #1 reason women stop breastfeeding.  Luna, a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, felt that she could make a change and began her mission to provide support-through herbal lactation supplements and holistic resources.

Through her efforts, Luna also created a supportive community that openly discusses everything breastfeeding mothers go through – exposing the newness of it all with a humorous twist. Nothing is too embarrassing or challenging.  Luna often says that she hopes that new moms will not need her products, but that Legendairy Milk offers the support moms need.  Every inquiry is responded to personally and quickly, and moms who are struggling with breastfeeding truly feel they have found a source of support and comfort in addition to useful information.

All products are organic and fenugreek-free and sugar-free. They are listed below:

  • Pump Princess contains a blend of organic ingredients designed to optimize breast milk production and support milk flow. Black seed has been used to promote healthy lactation in India and the Middle East for centuries. Fennel and dill are also traditionally used as a digestive support for mom and baby.
  • Liquid Gold contains a blend of powerful organic ingredients designed to optimize breast milk production. Goat’s rue has a long-standing reputation for supporting a healthy milk supply in dairy animals and humans while milk thistle and shatavari are also traditionally used for added lactation support.
  • Milkapalooza contains a blend of organic ingredients designed to optimize healthy lactation and enhance nutrition in breast milk. Moringa and nettle are a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients to help nourish both mom and baby while moringa is also known to quickly and naturally promote milk production.

Lactivist contains a plant called torbangun which has been used as a breastmilk stimulant by Bataknese mothers in Indonesia for hundreds of years. New mothers traditionally consume torbangun soup for one month after giving birth because they believe it not only promotes breastmilk production but it’s also rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron to help with postpartum fatigue and enrich milk quality. In one clinical study, three groups of 25 women each were given fenugreek, torbangun or B12 for 30 days. The torbangun group saw a 65% increase in breastmilk volume in the last 2 weeks of the study. This increase was much higher than with the groups receiving B12 or fenugreek which were only 10% and 20% respectively.

Luna Feehan recently discussed her brand via an exclusive interview.

Legendairy Milk

Luna Feehan is the proud founder of Legendairy Milk.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get the idea for Legendairy Milk and what was it like to get the company off the ground?

Luna Feehan (LF): About eight weeks into a really rocky breastfeeding journey where I was triple feeding 24/7, I contacted a local IBCLC for an in-home consultation. She suggested I use fenugreek so I ordered the product she recommended and tried it for 1 week. From day one, my son was inconsolably gassy to the point where he couldn’t sleep and was crying all the time.  I’ve actually never shared this before, but I also began experiencing periods of lightheadedness and dizziness to the point where I thought I would pass out.  Only after doing some research on fenugreek did I realize I was experiencing a severe hypoglycemic episode. My experience is not typical for women who try fenugreek and I don’t think fenugreek is “bad” by any means — I know it has worked well for many women. But just a few years ago, there was a serious lack of fenugreek free alternatives.

After chatting with my family about my breastfeeding struggles, they mentioned black cumin seed. It had been used by my aunts and grandmother when they breastfed and it has a long history of use in traditional Persian medicine. I ordered black cumin seed as well as fennel and dill (for digestive support) from an organic herb supplier, then ground up the seeds and spread the powder in veggie capsules. I was floored by how well it worked for me.

I began sharing my blend with other mom friends and they urged me to create an Etsy shop. I was so excited by the success of my black seed combo (now known as Pump Princess) that I began doing research on different herbs and plants used in other cultures for lactation. I found goat’s rue and milk thistle in Europe, moringa in Asia, to rbangun in Indonesia, ixbut in Guatemala and began sourcing these herbs. For the first year, I was solely on Etsy and any orders I received were through word of mouth from Facebook breastfeeding groups. This was an amazing opportunity to gain honest feedback on the blends and tweak them accordingly.

It was the ultimate informal focus group and I’m so grateful to the moms who provided feedback. It really gave me the confidence in knowing my products were effective which was the boost I needed to expand beyond my small Etsy shop. Trusting in other moms has been the key to Legendairy Milk’s success!

MM: How important is the support that women can give each other during motherhood?

LF: It’s essential! Getting breastfeeding established can require a ‘time investment’ and the first few weeks can be really challenging. It’s such a critical time for support and education. It’s also a really important time to allow a mother to acknowledge her feelings or frustrations in a non-judgmental and empathetic environment. I see this happen every day on our social media pages. A mom will share her current breastfeeding struggles and ask for some guidance on our page. The moms who respond are so supportive — offering tips, tricks, their own personal breastfeeding stories or just a virtual hug. Many women have reached out to us and said the support they received encouraged them to keep going.

MM: What are some of the challenges associated with breast feeding that you wish more people knew more about?

LF: We’ve built this really interactive community on Instagram where we share evidence-based breastfeeding support. We’ve covered so many topics where moms have commented or reached out and said, “I wish I had known this earlier” or “why did no one tell me this?” I think each breastfeeding mom will experience unique and very individual challenges throughout her postpartum journey so we strive to provide education and support for all of these stages — those first few weeks postpartum when she’s establishing her milk production, building a freezer stash if she’s returning to work or school, introducing a bottle to baby or combatting bottle refusal, returning to work and pumping, exclusive pumping, troubleshooting low milk supply concerns, weaning, etc.

MM: What are the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child?

LF: Breastmilk fits perfectly to baby’s needs, contains all their needed nutrients, provides nutritional factors for optimal growth and development plus amazing antibodies and immunity factors! As an exclusive pumper who struggled with chronic low milk supply, my personal definition of breastfeeding may be a little unconventional though. To me, breastfeeding is when ANY breastmilk is fed to baby. Every. Single. Drop. Counts. Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be all or nothing and nursing or pumping are BOTH breastfeeding.

MM: What are your ultimate career goals?

LF: Legendary Milk started as a side passion that I never envisioned would blossom into a full-fledged small business. In my day-to-day, my goals haven’t changed much from those early days of triple feeding for my baby and struggling with low milk supply. I still strive to provide inclusive breastfeeding support and education to new moms as well as unique fenugreek-free lactation products.

MM: What events or releases are coming up for you soon?

LF: We have quite a few new products in the pipeline that we’re very excited about.

MM: Is there anything else that you would like to talk about?

LF: The first line of defense for establishing your milk production will always be frequent and effective breast emptying. Galactagogues will NEVER be a substitute for a good nursing/pumping routine. Some women have found certain galactagogues increase their milk supply. For others, it takes trial and error to see what impacts their supply. And still others with chronic low milk supply (like myself) may be struggling with hormonal (insulin resistance, PCOS, hypothyroidism), milk transfer, or glandular issues (breast hypoplasia, IGT, previous breast surgery, etc.) in which case galactagogues may have very little impact without first addressing the root cause. If you’re in the latter group, we’d be happy to help you in any way we can so shoot us a message!

MM: What sets the company apart from other supplement companies?

LF: We are fenugreek free, sugar free, and our unique ingredients are sourced from cultures all over the world. We also offer comprehensive nursing and pumping support and advice via our social media pages.

MM: Besides supplements, how else can nursing mothers optimize their breast milk supply and nutrition?

LF: Frequent and effective breast emptying is the foundation for establishing breastmilk production. Nancy Mohrbacher’s work on the “Magic Number” is also so helpful in determining how to maintain your supply. Your “magic number” is the number of milk removals needed to maintain or increase your milk production and it’s largely based on your breast storage capacity.

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To learn more, visit the official Legendairy Facebook and Instagram.

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