Kittens in diapers

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When Shreyas was around 2 and a half years old, he was very fond of cats and dogs and one day he asked his dad if we can buy a cat for ourselves. Now, his dad and me are both scared of dogs and cats and we were in no way going to entertain the idea of a pet at home, so his dad came up with an ingenious reply. He told him that his pet will constantly pee and do potty which he needs to clean himself as he will be the primary caretaker. That was scary enough for him to forget about pets, temporarily.

He again came up with the idea of having a pet when he was 4 years old, and me, thinking am being very smart, told him the same story of him cleaning the pet’s pee and potty to which his immediate reply was, “Amma, we can always get diapers for the pet, why are you bothered about that!!?