Today and tomorrow

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When Shashi( my hubby)  was traveling a while back; Vrishank (my pre-schooler son) would religiously ask me every day when he would be coming back.

Shashi used to travel from Monday to Thursday. I would say “Thursday” on all the days except for Wednesday.  On Wednesday, I would say ‘tomorrow’. So, Vrishank would put forth his innocent expectant question everyday, “Is today tomorrow?”.  It’s funnier in Telugu “Eeroju repa”?

His own way of saying, ” I want dad here on all days.”

Over time, I learnt to simply use the names of weekdays. Its amazing to watch him not being satiated with a simple nod or a “hmmm” to his persistent questions. He would seal with, ” Does that mean ‘Yes’ or ‘No’?”

But this whole episode taught me an important lesson about clarity in communication. Sometimes I end up in trouble  due to that lack of clarity.  I feel that we lead our life on assumptions, we assume so many things and sometimes that leads to prejudice. Motherhood develops and refines our personality so much…