Last Friday, my mum-in-law had made a South-Indian delicacy called ‘Mani Kozhakattais‘ which literally means ‘Bead Modaks‘.

It’s made of rice flour rolled into small balls the size of typical marbles and garnished with spices. This also happens to be one of our kids’ favorites.

My kids were excited about their yummy dinner awaiting them and were served a generous scoop by their grandmother.

What caught my attention through this entire sequence was this conversation that brewed between them..

Ananya: Kozhakattai is Ganesha’s fav food…he is given lots and lots of kozhakattais everyday.

Ameya: Yes yaar, let him also taste one from ours…

Ananya: Ok…let’s give him.

Both of them romped into  the Puja room with plates in hand, moved the other idols very puposefully and tucked in a Modak each into Ganesha’s trunk.

They rushed out to show me their kick-ass idea to feed their favourite God…

‘Amma, why is he not eating it yet?  When is he going to eat it?’

And guess what !!! Their Ganesha ate up their Kozhakattais the next morning- right after I cleaned up the place for the morning puja!!

Is this  the untainted relationship with the Almighty, that makes them so adorable?

I guess, we adults are not even clean enough to find out the answer!