The New Year always brings with it a whiff of freshness, a burst of energy. The challenge often is to keep it up throughout the year. The challenge intensifies when it comes to kids: having to often catch up with their developing worldviews and curiosity, and also share the responsibility of shaping it.  Often, we don’t need much more than just a little- little reminders, tools, tidbits, and nudges can go a long way in making the year totally fruitful. A Kids Activity Calendar could be the simple tool you are looking for.

However, there’s one problem. Kids usually do not find traditional calendars that interesting.


Traditional calendars usually carry only dull reminders of national holidays, stock visuals and dates after dates.

Here’s a refreshing change.

The Iconiq Colours of India calendar brings a refreshing twist to the purpose of calendars – featuring 12 iconic Indian shades.





It’s astonishing what you can learn from one little color. There are quirky stories (“Where did Khaki come from?”). There are tidbits of facts (like the one about denim jeans). You can go on a little treasure hunt (“find a flower this spring”).

The calendar is uniquely India-themed with a wealth of information behind every enticing color of India, capturing the richness and depth of each color.

Colors of INdia- Kids Activity Calendar 2020


Each month’s shade is accompanied by all of this. But that’s not all: there are little secrets shyly peeking out on each page. Spot them, scan them with your phone, and unlock your bonus treat. It could be a game, a song, or a challenge.
Colors of India- Kids Activity Calendar 2020
I am sure a lot of adults would love to learn about Dhusar…
Colors of India- Kids Activity Calendar 2020
Or, the pristineness in all things white…
Colours of India-Kids Activity Calendar 2020
The calendar does not lose sight of its main purpose- to inform us about days and dates and help us keep track of events on important dates. But take a look at this to get a sample of how interesting it makes every week, and month.
Colours of India- Kids Activity Calendar 2020
Of course, this is not all. There is a variant of this as well- The Languages of India calendar which is equally well-designed and thought through.

Doubles Up As A Journal

The calendar provides plenty of space to log interesting ideas, to jot down important reminders and mark memorable events- effectively making it a log of the child’s one remarkable year of their childhood.

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Customizations Available

Customizations, such as putting a child’s name on it, are available (for a nominal fee of Rs. 100/-).


Another Interesting Version Available


There’s one more amazing thing. They also have a ‘Languages Of India’ Kids Activity Calendar 2020, which is equally well-designed and thought through.







Here are the links for purchase:

Colors of India Kids Activity Calendar 2020 

Languages Of India Kids Activity Calendar 2020. 

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