Pandemics such as the one caused by the Corona Virus are hard to explain and even harder to understand for little children. Our adult jargon of lockdowns, quarantines, shelter-in-place makes very little sense to their world that is limited to playing, toys and fun. Katha enters this gap between the adult and child with a sweet, relatable story centered in the village of Dakshinpur where an army of corona virus blows into Dakshinpur from Germgram led by Tobakachi, the evil ruler.

The virus army infects the Dakshinpur populace. The villagers, who don’t wash their hands with soap and sneeze into their hands, help spread the virus rapidly. At their wits end, the villagers turn to a spunky schoolgirl girl and her classmates.They band together and make soap from SoapNut (or Reetha). The villagers learn how to wash their hands effectively and help ward off the virus.

The story is illustrated beautifully with lively, appealing colors and is followed by a recipe for soap making using soap nuts and a brief factual summary of the corona virus.

“The Mystery of the Missing Soap” has been translated into 5 languages and is available for FREE  as a downloadable pdf.

Suitable for ages 3-7