This is an event alert post and is time-sensitive. 

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The #JoyofReading annual subscription plan is the perfect gift this Mother’s Day – for our mother or the mother in you.

Katha has chosen from its absolutely delectable adult fiction to come up with 12 surprise collector’s items that are literary masterpieces.
The books will reach you once every month allowing you a yearlong celebration of reading.
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Here’s a sneak peek into the selected reading list.

May Edited by Geeta Dharmarajan A unique collection that reflects present-day vitality and versatality in Indian writing by women. Ranging from the passionate to the poignant, the personal to the universal, these 15 stories are a moving testament to the human spirit.
June Edited by GJV Prasad & Sara Rai This book captures the fragile trajectories of the experiences of men and women. By excellent male and female authors, the book has short stories written on the opposite gender. This book breaks stereotypes, like none other.
July Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya This Sahitya Akademi winning novel is a vivid, evocative account of the Naga people, during the Second World War.
August Edited by Sukrita Paul Kumar & Muhammad Ali Siddiqui (This book) brings together writers from India and Pakistan. The powerful Urdu short stories, written by eminent writers after 1960 reflect the common sensibility evolved through a shared linguistic and cultural heritage.
September Kamleshwar The fifteen stories handpicked in this collection mix memory with experience, craft with subtle art. Sensitively translated by the trailblazer of Indian language translations, Jai Ratan, these stories defy easy conclusions. Restive, moving, memorable
October Alka Sarogi Alka Saraogi weaves a brilliant tapestry of a novel in this deceptively simple account of an ordinary woman’s life.
November Edited by Lakshmi Holmstrom An innovative narration encompassing a wide range of emotions and experience in Mauni’s mindscape, this volume is an expression of life’s irregular rhythm.
December Abdullah Hussein A collection that probes the condition of the modern man at odds with himself, by the recipient of the Adamjee award
January Ramachandra Sharma Love and hatred, desire and disappointment, pleasure and pain, reunion and separation: that’s the gamut of emotions that comes alive in Ramachandra Sharma’s short fiction.
February Joginder Paul A story of migration, oblivion, and strange forgetfulness, Sleepwalkers is a moving tale of shifting identities and locales.
March Krishna Sobti Krishna Sobti’s pathbreaking first novel follows in the footsteps of young Pasho as she is bought and sold like cattle in the war-torn climate of the Afghan and Anglo-Sikh wars of 19th century Punjab.
April Thi Jaa Thi Jaa weaves a lyrical story of a Vedapadasalai by the Kaveri and an orthodox household in Madras with an array of vivid, lifelike characters. His portrayal of women who pursue their passions with calm self-assurance is bold and uncritical
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