jaadu ki jhappi

Image Courtesy: Indiatimes.com

Daughters are real darlings, I can vouch for this: the pleasant feelings that I experience quite often due to my two adorable cuties is a great stress buster! Any working mom without a cook, would know that the few hours in the morning, when everyone has to be out by 8:30am with lunches packed are no less than those of a war front. It was one such morning and to add to the woes, I had woken up late, thanks to a late night telecon. As I was trying to work at the maximum speed possible and multi-tasking, the most dreaded thing happened – the masala box (the one with 6 partitions for the different spices) slipped from my hand and fell all over the gas stove, the kitchen counter and the floor. I looked with horror at the scene – jeera, mustard, turmeric powder, asafoetida … all looked inseparable like long lost lovers and what more, there was no option to put off this cleaning until after I return from office!. I was weighing my options of bursting into tears or into anger… just then two tiny hands hugged me from behind. As I was about to shrug them off, they wrapped around more tightly. It was my 9 year old in her school uniform getting ready and she said, “Don’t worry ma, it happens. We all drop things, even I had dropped and spilt a lot of stuff.” I just hugged her tightly for a few minutes, just thanking her. Those words were enough to make me calm and sane and believe me, all the tasks got done in a very short time and I even had a few minutes to relax before stepping out to work. It also made me feel very small and recollect the times when I have shouted at her for not being careful with things.