is a flagship youth mentoring initiative by Kidskintha through a combination of primary research, a panel of handpicked experts, innovative programs and technology.  


Our Mission

is to amp up employability for 1 million students in India. 


Our Vision

is to help young people, especially high-school children access career mentorship from first-hand interactions with experts in various fields. We aim to provide not just career counseling, but a complete career-immersion experience, especially for high-schoolers. 

Why high-schoolers?

The Indian education system demands that students choose a stream (MPC/MEC/BPC/Humanities) by the middle of 10th grade. Technically, even though they start on the focused streams only beginning 11th grade, entrance exams and fees for 11th grade are finalized by the middle of Grade 10 academic year. Most students have limited or no visibility to career options and feel blindsided by this requirement to fix a stream, without having an opportunity to consider a whole range of career options that can align their interests and talents to the evolving trajectory of the future of work.

93% of Indian students are aware of just seven career options. Parents and schools are unable to equip students with this knowledge of evolving career paths due to the paucity of 

  1. Time 
  2. Services that provide such timely resources for children
  3. Affordability

Herd mentality is responsible for employability in India hovering around 50-55% only despite being an academics-focused society. 

What do you get?

Your career discovery journey is far more fruitful when you know what a profession looks like from the inside. You get to interact with professionals in the field, who are doing the work you are planning to do. Or not.

Here’s what could happen after you go through our program. 

  1. You were previously completely clueless about what career to pick, but now you can easily imagine yourself doing the exact thing our domain mentor showed you they do. 

  2. You had an inkling of a career path for yourself, and your faith in the fit is reinforced after our program. 

  3. You had an inkling of a career path, but you are now blown away by all the other possibilities and want to explore the offbeat path. 

  4. You wanted to do something offbeat but had no clue how to get there, and now you know the exact steps to get there, with an expert hand-holding you. 

Our 10-point career discovery framework will help you figure out: 

  1. Pathways to your desired career. 

  2. Financial preparedness. 

  3. Mindset preparedness

  4. Insider view of the profession 

  5. Tech Skill Gaps

  6. Life Skill Gaps

  7. Economics of the industry 

  8. Scholarship opportunities. 

  9. Earning potential 

  10. Global benchmarking on course and pay

Ready to roll?

If you are a student, tell us how you want to change the world by clicking the link below.

If you are a domain expert, you could be the one someone would be thanking 10 years later for helping them choose wisely through your mentorship. Join us by clicking the link below.

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