First of all,  thanks to Shobha for promptly including me into the Kidskintha family. I sure took a long time in posting, thanks to my exams and relocating complexities; but I am here now and raring to go!

I’ve always wanted to share things about Shreyas with people, because as the first child,  I’ve observed that he has given me a lot of interesting moments. But only now I ‘ ve found the right place to share it.

So here’s introducing Shreyas:

He is our first and only child (till now 😉 ) He turns four on the 9th of July. He is a very active and entertaining kid. Not too naughty but extremely talkative. So that’s about Shreyas.

To begin with, here’s a small incident I would like to share…

As we are relocating from Abu Dhabi to Singapore, this has been the topic of discussion in our house for the past few months. Naturally, Shreyas has also been very very excited. And as any smart mom would do, I use that excitement to get some things done by him.

One worry for me was that Shreyas was still using diapers in the night (thankfully he is out of that habit now :)) and I  wanted him to come out of it.  So one day while talking about Singapore, I told him that once we go to Singapore he will have no option but to leave the diaper habit because they don’t sell diapers there. His prompt reply was, ” You do get diapers in Lulu,  right (the supermarket where we used to regularly shop)? Can’t you just buy 2/3 diaper packets and send it by cargo to Singapore along with my other toys ??”

And to think we can outsmart them!!!