Everybody can shop, but not everybody can create an aesthetically pleasing environment with their congregated collectibles. The creativity bug is a gifted, prized possession that very few can highlight on their menu of talents. Finding the right outlet to channelize this creative energy can be painstakingly challenging. But once you find your fit, the future unrolls in a harmonious symphony. 

Interior designers and decorators function on creativity fuel. This crafty science that targets the home interiors and renovation market is estimated to be between USD 20 to 30 Billion in India. Many steered their talents and switched to the electronic onscreen platforms as the world tuned into universal lockdown. 

With time nestled by her side, Meenakshi Kapoor, a Mumbai-based Interior Designer, took to Instagram to display her passion to the world at large. Each reel and story had a grounded visual appeal that resonated with thousands of viewers. Her energy and simplicity attracted people from all walks of life, and her following multiplied exponentially – a magnanimous jump that has made her the trending Lifestyle Blogger!

When Kidskintha spoke to Meenakshi Kapoor, she took us through her natural progression from a mom to a working mom and now a mompreneur! Her unique style, passion, and love for nature have been her guiding star through her journey. In this interview, she revealed how Instagram turned her into a full-time successful Lifestyle Blogger. 

Hello Meenakshi! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. Please tell us how did you start your journey as an interior designer and decorator?

interior designer

Styling spaces came very naturally to me. When I was on mom duty or was working the front desk at Taj, I would unknowingly style a few elements here and there. I independently styled my apartment and a few family offices as well. I worked in an architectural design house, DA designs, as an Interior Designer. Almost instantly, I was designing residences, offices, and restaurants and began learning on the job. I’ve worked with a whole ensemble of beautiful homes. 

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How and why did you start your lifestyle blog – Behind That House? 

I’m an Interior Designer and Stylist and was working full time with DA Designs till last year. I had the opportunity to work with many brands, shoot ad films, and style homes before they were professionally shot for magazines.

I would work full-time on residential and commercial projects from Monday to Thursday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday would be dedicated to the blog, any styling assignments, or freelance Interior Design work that came my way. My lifestyle blog, Behind That House,  was a side hustle even while working as a designer. To unleash my overflowing creativity, I would document decor, DIY, plants, photography, food, drinks, etc.

How was the start of your Instagram journey as an Interior Designer? 

I began my Insta page in 2017. Back then, I posted as and when I could. I hardly had any following up until a year back. During the lockdown, I had time in hand, and I utilized it to understand the platform and dedicate myself wholeheartedly to Behind That House. 

My Insta family grew after I started posting consistently. 

Every post on Behind That House demands inspiration and bursts of creativity. As an Interior Designer, what inspires you every day to come up with the oomph factor in every Insta post?

I’m very inspired by nature. I’m always looking around and get fascinated by the tiniest of things that people can easily miss.

interior designer Meenakshi Kapoor

When and why did you decide to ignite your career? How would you describe your life as a working mom? 

The transition happened quite naturally with my kids going to school early in the morning and coming back late in the afternoon. It gave me a lot of free time to channelize my priorities and be on the go to accomplish them. As work got more demanding, the hours had to be juggled, but my kids are very accommodating, and things seamlessly fell into place. 

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How is your family involved in your projects?

My kids are my most prominent critics and also my cheerleaders. My husband has been very supportive. He looks after the backend for me. This allows me to solely focus on my love – decorating and kids!

interior designerHow did you hone your Insta skills? As an experienced Interior Designer, how easy is it to ideate, execute the ideas, record, and then edit for each post? 

This was a very gradual process. I learned something new every day, especially during the lockdown when I had more time to hone new skills. Initially, I would take a whole day or, in some cases, two days to make minor edits, but now I’ve perfected the craft. I’ve constantly been learning and growing, and on occasion, failed to learn as well.

Can you take us through the journey that you undergo to put up each Insta post? How long is this process? 

It’s imperative to plan and schedule the posts. So I usually work on a weekly basis and try to shoot for them accordingly.

It all starts with ideation. Then the next step is looking for streams to execute the idea. Once I finalize that, I look for materials and props that will visually help narrate the story. Next, the location comes into play. I choose and set up the location and shoot the scenes as per the plan. Then comes the editing, the voiceover, typing out the caption, hashtags, and finally… the Instagram post!

According to you, what qualities of Behind That House resonates with you Insta viewers? 

I derive my passion from the tiniest of things. I don’t get into an elaborate spread; instead, I see beauty in everyday things. For example, when I used Bougainvilleas for decor, it caught many viewers’ attention, and they loved the idea!

I think it’s this simplicity that people recognize and relate with. I combine everyday things with elegance, and that resonates with the viewers. 

interior designerHow has social media impacted your business life?

Behind That House began as a side hustle and has transformed into full-time work. 

What would you say are the pros and cons of social media for a lifestyle blogger?

There are no days off, but I enjoy doing this, so it doesn’t feel like work. 

What are your tips for aspiring Lifestyle Bloggers?

There are no shortcuts. You need to regularly post meaningful and useful content that resonates with your audience.

One word for Kidskintha 

A brilliant blog for parents and parents to be with a plethora of insights into conscious nurturing. 


Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

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