If you’ve recently had a baby, well…your superhuman powers have just been put in motion. As your baby grows, your portfolio of skills will multiply, and patience will soon become your forte. Moms are superheroes, and today, we can see their innate powers as they captivatingly display their unique parenting tales online.

Mom influencers are the perfect examples of women who keep parenting at the epicenter of their lives and, in the process, build a digital family for mothers worldwide. They have integrated the digital world with their unique parenting stories and have given us a warm, exciting, and fresh look into parenting. Creating an organic follower base is very demanding and definitely isn’t easy! 

With her son, Kaveer, as the main lead, Julfa Sanghvi of Mom Musings has innovatively documented her parenting journey. She is an Instagram influencer and an entrepreneur who runs two other businesses – Vegano and Piccadilly. This extraordinary woman has found multiple outlets to channel her creativity. With each venture, she has created her niche and successfully attracted volumes of customer base in each segment.

Kidskintha sat down for a chat with Julfa. She took us through her offbeat digital journey, its workings, and the magnitude of the impact her Instagram handle has had over moms across the globe. With four full-time jobs, she juggles all the pieces meticulously to ensure every aspect is primed to perfection.

In conversation with Julfa Sanghvi of Mom Musings…

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Julfa Sanghvi of Mom Musings

Hi Julfa. Thank you so much for being with us. How and why did you decide to start documenting your parenting journey on Instagram?

As a new mom, I found myself googling a lot. With no new mothers as acquaintances, I often turned to my mom, mother-in-law, or Google for advice. My ‘Google Guru’ stood by me at all times.
During my spurts of ‘me-time,’ I enjoyed browsing through Instagram. Hoping to meet like-minded mothers, I decided to document my parenting journey and give an insight into my world of raising my boy. That’s how I took on the role of a mom Instagram influencer. 

How would you describe Mom Musings? Who is the target audience?

Mom musings is the journey of a new mother who has opened her world to share her unique parenting experiences and built her tribe along the way. The journey as a mom Instagram influencer has been inspiring to the brim!

This is an open platform for all mothers who wish to share their experiences or express their views on various parenting puzzles. 

What were the challenges that you faced as a new mom? How did you overcome them?

I feel the world of a first-time mom is filled with challenges. In India, there are so many myths when it comes to raising babies. As a millennial mom, I found it difficult to agree with a whole lot of them. In such situations, I learned to stay calm, trust my gynecologist and pediatrician. In challenging circumstances, I would reassure myself by saying, ‘it’s a phase.’

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What were the challenges that you faced when you started your mom influencer journey?

When I started my journey as a digital creator, I was apprehensive about the content that I was putting out. I wasn’t sure if the content was relatable. I was fiddling with the option of making this my full-time career.

There was a lot of uncertainty when I started my page as a mom Instagram influencer. I went ahead with Mom Musings as my digital window that captured the journal of my motherhood.

What are the pros and cons of being a mom Instagram influencer?

I have managed to increase my circle of friends and create my very own Insta family. The monetary gains do add to the joys of the digital parenting platform.

When you choose to share your intimate parenting journey with the world, you need to be vulnerable. This also means that you are faced with constant scrutiny. My Insta family wants to know everything that goes on in my world, and at times that becomes challenging. 

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How difficult is it to have a happy digital presence when you are going through tough days as a first-time mom?

Being a mom Instagram influencer who deals with parenting, I would say it’s a balancing act. If I am going through a challenging phase, I would not want my Insta family to feel the stress of motherhood because of my situation. It’s easy to build negative associations with certain situations if fellow moms have had bad experiences. 

On the other hand, I do not want to display a rosy picture all the time. That inevitably makes moms feel uncertain about their situations. So I try to put forward motherhood in its raw form.

Was it easy to take ‘frame-worthy pictures’ of little Kaveer? Who assisted you in your journey?

I like to dress up and also like dressing up Kaveer. My husband has been very supportive, and he loves to take our pictures. The challenging aspect for me has been to create engaging content to complement the images that we have taken.

As an Instagram influencer, how did you manage to multiply your audience? 

I feel the unfiltered content and daily stories have attracted a large audience. Kaveer loves the camera, and working with him has been a dream. This translates very well in the pictures. 

How have you evolved in your motherhood journey?

Before Kaveer, I was impatient, impulsive, and always ready for an adventure. Motherhood has taught me to be patient, smile in the most challenging situations, and carry on parenting irrespective of how tired I am. 

What is your one attribute as a mother that you think every mom could use?

I have learned to stay calm and never compare myself to anyone. I feel my child doesn’t need a perfect mother; he just needs me.

As an infant and toddler, how has Kaveer reacted to being documented for Mom Musings? Is he tech-savvy as well? 

When Kaveer was an infant, it was easy to take pictures. I could click as many pictures for as long as I wanted. Now Kaveer loves the camera and wants to be clicked, so he poses for the camera happily. Of course, there are times when he refuses to do so.

How receptive has your husband been to your digital creator journey?

My husband is extremely supportive and has encouraged me at every step of the way. He just doesn’t like to be on screen. He is happy to do all the back-end work as long as I keep him out of the feed, especially videos.

Is easy for a mom Instagram influencer to collaborate with brands?

You need to have an organic audience and also have to be consistent on the platform. As an Instagram influencer if you want brands to notice you, you need to be consistent. There are barter collaborations, paid collaborations as well as affiliate marketing. 

What does your typical day as a digital creator look like?

I am a working mother, and I do not have a nanny. My parents and in-laws have been my most vital support system. I spend mornings, evenings with Kaveer, and I work in the afternoons and late at night. 

How did you start Vegano? Please tell us more about Piccadilly. How and when did you branch out?

My husband Malkam Sanghvi, sister-in-law Alisha Sanghvi and I started Piccadilly, a bag manufacturing company, in 2013. We make all kinds of bags for corporates and have had clientele such as Byjus, Raymond, Borosil, Sun Pharma, and many more. We are entrepreneurs at heart! The three of us wanted to launch a brand that deals in vegan leather. That’s when Vegano bags came to life.

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Where are you selling your products?

We are currently selling on Amazon and also through our small store at Parel. 

How do you source these products? What is your business model?

Everything is made in India. We source the fabric from manufacturers in India and get them stitched and handcrafted by artisans in our factory at Sion. These products are manufactured under supervision, ensuring premium quality. We do OEM for brands and also manufacture bags for corporate gifting. We believe that bags are one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways of marketing.

What advice would you give moms who are about to embark on their entrepreneurial venture?

My advice would be to Start! There is no such thing as the perfect time. Create your own opportunities and take action. 

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