Image courtesy: dreamstime.com

Its back-to-school week. There are uniforms to be bought, books to be covered, fees to be paid, transport to be arranged, lunch ideas to be brushed up,  the list goes on….

Last week, the kids came home with the fee circular..Hubby and I looked at the enormous book fee and exchanged glances.

He playfully asked our darling Ameya…

” What do you do in school with so many books?”

Now, our dearie is a truly free spirit. She provides the overused phrase ‘living in the present’ with real meaning…Currently, in response to her dad’s question, she busily scratched herself softly all over her legs and hands and declared, ” Now, I am a zebra!!!”

Hubby: ????????!!!!!!!!!!:):):):)

Now , we know what she does with all those books!