Did you know that a great part of how you experience your life is greatly influenced by the period just before conception till the time you were born? While you were marinating in your mother’s amniotic fluid, you tasted the spectrum of life’s emotions (through your mother), and it’s this experience that has shaped you as an individual.

This Mother’s Day month, Kidskintha, in association with MyChildFirst, has put together a four-part series showcasing every essence of motherhood.

In this first of our 4-part series of celebrating mothers, Divya Deswal, the co-founder of MyChildFirst, takes us on an eye-opening journey where she shows us the world through the eyes of the unborn child. She delves into topics that are forever awe-inspiring such as the embryo’s journey, its active state of consciousness, birth imprints, the meaning of a positive environment, its importance in pregnancy, and techniques of connecting with the baby.

We aim to empower all mothers with this power-packed session, so no mom ever feels alone through the momentous journey of child-bearing.

Here are some highlights of the talk about the Holistic pre-natal well-being of a child :

  • At what age do babies in utero start responding to outside stimuli?
  • Why does our tradition say that pregnant women should be sheltered from negativity?
  • When the baby is in the womb, the mother’s world becomes the baby’s world. So…how beautiful do you want to make it?
  • A positive environment doesn’t mean a happy environment
  • How can pregnant women maintain a positive environment during their pregnancy?
  • Why is talking to the unborn child important?
  • How should you talk to your baby?
  • How does the work stress of a pregnant woman affect the unborn child?
  • Does the baby in the womb remember certain incidents that the mother has gone through during pregnancy?
  • How does it affect the child once he is born?
  • The making of an independent child
  • What is a tantrum?
  • What should parents do?

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