House on moon


My friend, who is a Montessori teacher, uses great techniques to deal with kids.As we discussed how Shreyas troubles me for getting his daily routines done, she told me that sometimes just to make kids do something, she tells them that she has a house in moon and she will go to live there if they don’t obey her. This, she said, is very effective, if used rarely.

So when Shreyas was troubling me one day, I told him that am going to the moon to live in the house made specially for troublesome children’s moms, to that his reply was, “Well, the moon is very lumpy, you can’t make a house there”.

I was struck by his timing and application of mind. (His current “passion” is the solar system and stuff and so he has been reading about different planets, their moons etc. He learned from there about life in moon).

Is there any way we can fool them?