Diwali is a time that Indian homes look forward to with a fresh, clean makeover of their homes. The easiest and surest way for a makeover is a home painting project. The colors of a room give off the vibes meant for the room. A bedroom painted in lavender welcomes you in a cool, relaxing space, whereas an office painted a bright yellow feels like a beckoning to work every morning

Colour schemes in our home can bring energy to our surroundings and influence our mood. Following a Color Wheel is a good way to choose paint colors ( many home painting companies offer great printable color wheels). The colors you choose for your home interiors reveal a great deal about your personality, not to mention, it aids in creating the right ambiance.

Berger Paints offers some helpful tips on picking a color palette for your house.


Understanding the Colour Wheel and Schemes Before Undertaking Your Home Painting Project

A color wheel illustrates the interactions between primary, secondary, and tertiary colors by showing how they relate. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with the color wheel and discover colors to create a color scheme.


An analogous scheme uses colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. These colors balance each other well, resulting in a vibrant and often calming palette. Yellow, for example, will go well with green or orange, orange with red or yellow, and so on.


Complementary colors appear opposite one another on the color wheel and are a great way to create a vibrant look. This color scheme is all about contrast. A purple wall, for example, could look fantastic against a yellow sofa.


A monochromatic scheme creates a soothing atmosphere by using shades of one main color. In addition, using the same shades reduces the contrast in the room and makes it appear more neutral. Therefore, it is ideal if you prefer to stay with one color, rather than making a strong statement with multiple color choices. You could, for example, go with a light blue wall and deeper blue window frames.

If you’re unsure about which colors look good together, the Berger interior paints Colour Catalogue not only shows you all the colors, it has filters for pastel, intermediate, dark, and accent and also recommends best combinations when you click on a color.

Choosing Colours Based on Moods

Consider the vibes you would like your home to convey. Research has long proven that colors can impact your mood and how others might feel in your home.

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Green, the color of nature, evokes feelings of peace and calm. For instance, Sage Green can be used on any wall in your house to create a serene atmosphere. Have you noticed how performers relax in the “green room”, and doctors tend to paint their clinics in a light shade of green? Shades of green are not only pleasing to the eyes, but they also represent progress, prosperity, and peace. 


Red is a bold color that evokes profound passion and elevates the energy levels in a room like no other. It’s an excellent choice for building enthusiasm since it brings people together and promotes dialogue. Under the lamplight, red can also appear subtle and elegant, despite its strength and ferocity. A word of caution: Experts warn that those who are prone to mood swings should avoid red.


Purple is a color that reminds people of enchantment, suspense, and creative thinking. The color has long been associated with royalty too. So, it can be a great color to use to give some flair to your interiors. This color can help youngsters concentrate better by increasing their creativity. Shades of purple that are deep or vivid bring grandeur to a space, while lighter shades are often more romantic and elegant.


You can fill your surroundings with positivity and excitement by using yellow. It is a cheerful color that inspires creativity and can make your home more welcoming. Paler shades of yellow create a sense of calmness, and brighter shades can liven up any room. Yellow is the perfect color to choose when expressing a cheerful, energetic, and fun vibe.


Blue is a powerful color that promotes peace and serenity, and it reminds us of clear skies and the soothing ocean. It reduces anxiety while also reducing the heart rate and delivering other health benefits. Choose warmer blue tones for a soothing ambiance. If the tranquility of blue isn’t for you, consider vivid cerulean blue for a more theatrical look that changes the area.


As it represents purity, innocence, and completeness, white is considered the color of perfection. White makes any room appear larger and promotes clarity of thought and an optimistic attitude. It’s an excellent color for modernist designs since it instantly transforms any space into something sleek and sophisticated.

You can use a Paint Calculator tool to know how much paint to buy to complete your home painting by putting in the dimensions of the area to be painted. If you are still overwhelmed by the thought of choosing a color palette for your house, contact representatives from a trusted paint company for their consultation services.

Note: The Berger Express Painting app includes services like color consultation, an estimate of paint needed, expert home painting, ensuring your furniture and floor do not get paint stains, post-painting clean-up and disinfection as well as choices in online payment modes.

Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels