It’s the season for holiday homework. While most children start their vacation by bringing back a loaded holiday to-do list (some of which are done by parents anyway), the children of Annai Violet Matriculation and Higher Secondary School came home with a neatly listed holiday to-do list – for their parents.

“For the past 10 months, we enjoyed taking care of your children,” begins the note, warmly. Principal Lydia Devasagyam goes on to list the ways in which parents can make the coming 2 months with their children a very special time in their lives.

From tips on bonding to learning the value of effort, from hitting it up with neighbours to sharing the love with pets, this list has it all covered adorably!

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Holiday to-do list for parents


Don’t forget to check out the final message for parents.

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She reminds them of the fleeting nature of moments and encourages them to  ” Look into the eyes of your little one and thank God for giving you one- wonderful gift. In a few years from now, they will be soaring into greater heights.”

Holiday to-do list for parents


The sheer thoughtfulness of this message to the parents of her children shows the kind of passion she carries into her work. This letter is a lesson in staying in touch with the core purpose of your work and Ms Lydia’s sense of purpose shines through both her message and the messenger!