Dogs with puppies

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Ameya loves pups…She is scared of dogs;  and loves pups!

Her most recent demand, get a puppy at home!

And her latest object of fascination, a litter of puppies our outside our home.

On a couple of evenings when she vanished, and we went looking for her…we found her crouched on the floor of a kennel…with all the six puppies around her and the mommy doggie in deep slumber!

When I finally found her, she looked horrified.

Me: Ameya, what happened?

Ameya: Amma, the puppies have bitten their mom very  hard!!!

Me: Is it? How are you saying this?

Ameya: There have bitten holes into the big doggie’s stomach. So many of them! I counted 6 of them.

Me: Oh, that! That is what God has put in there so the puppies can take milk from their Mom’s body!

Ameya: God came and punched holes into the bog doggie’s tummy?

Me: No..He didn’t punch holes…she kept them ready so she can use them when she has her puppies.

Ameya: So the big doggie’s tummy is full of milk? She drinks so much milk everyday and stores it in her stomach and keeps giving it out to the pups? Like a water balloon with small holes?

Me:  Hmm…no . They don’t directly get milk from the tummy. Milk is made from other food that the mom eats.

Ameya: Oh, so it is food juice?

Me: Ok, I give up!