HEXBUG just announced the release of an all new line of their popular BattleBots. Featuring the latest designs from season three, “Bite Force” and “Blacksmith” are the two newest editions to this series of remote-control bots.


HEXBUG is a company that produces robotic toys and games.

Players can activate the motorized weapons and knock their opponent’s armor off to win the battle. Bite Force comes equipped with a drum spinner and Blacksmith features a massive forged hammer! These bots are known as being some of the hardest hitting from the show and HEXBUG is pleased to add them to the line. Players can also take their BattleBots experience to the next level with the Arena FX Module that includes sounds from the hit TV show, a countdown timer, and fifteen BattleBots sound effects.

BattleBots Champion from the popular TV show, Bite Force’s Paul Ventimiglia, enjoys the new line and granted a behind the scenes interview here to discuss it.

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