Grippies Stackers are colorful, durable, and delightfully textured construction toys for toddlers. Given the popularity and benefits of construction toys, it is refreshing to see a kit for a much younger group of children than the typical LEGO offering. Guide Craft is renowned for their unique and high-quality products and their “Grippies” series definitely does not disappoint.

Product Details

Shaped somewhat like humanoid stick-figures, this patterned set of twenty-four interlocking magnetic X-shaped blocks (and two sizes of nesting cylinders) will certainly get children’s imaginations going. They are made with a soft matte texture for easy grip. This twenty-four-piece set is compatible with other Grippies sets and is intended for ages18 months and up.

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Pros and Benefits

Playing with these blocks is good for balance and building fine motor skills. These blocks are sturdy and durable yet also lightweight enough to maneuver easily. The rubber grips on them are so thick they are almost lush and each block has a delightful texture that makes them fun to touch. The type of texture is determined by the color. Blue blocks have a polka-dot pattern, yellow blocks have a lined pattern, green blocks have a square pattern, and orange blocks have a triangular pattern. Also, the flip side of each circular block includes a little facial expression which ties into the “figure” theme of this particular set.

Cons and Drawbacks

There is very little to gripe about with this wonderful set that works exactly as advertised. Twenty-four blocks are a good starter set, but it would certainly be better to combine this kit with others for maximum play potential.

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Fun Additional Ideas

This set is a great way to introduce young children to the joys of building. It’s also an excellent way to teach them about colors and patterns and how to associate shapes and patterns with specific textile feeling, essentially sharpening their understanding of the sensation of touch.

Final Considerations

Grippies Stackers are intended for boys and girls ages eighteen months and older. They retail for about $60. To learn more, see here. A sixteen piece set of the Grippies Stackers is also available for $39.95.

Grippies Stackers

Playing with these blocks is good for balance and building fine motor skills.


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