Despite popular opinion, technology potentially holds the power to make people smarter. Learning and education are one of the best ways to use technology. 

Some children find it hard to retain information in their brains while being engrossed in something else. Known as working memory, it helps build kids build skills and develop critical thinking skills in any area of study. Besides this, children having strong working memories also show improved executive functions like flexibility and self-control. Technology presents some great memory games for kids. 

A 2012 study by Salminen, Strobach, and Schubert confirmed that constructing a strong working memory takes only 5 to 10 minutes of practice each day for 8 to 12 weeks. 

Gaming technology Give A Boost To Memory Games For Kids

Thanks to the overwhelming developments in gaming technology, this kind of training is quite easy now. These games cover auditory skills, visual-spatial memory, numbers, words, and letters. 

On a typical day, a child consumes just above three hours of media. Why not make it worthwhile? 

Here are some memory games  for kids you can go for:

1. Bejeweled

In a landscape where online PC games may take up 47% of the global PC and console game revenues, Bejeweled stands as one of the finest and oldest memory game.

This game is equally popular among kids and adults. During the game, the player has to make rows of three jewels that are of same shape and color. Those three instantly disappear when grouped. It is a simple and colorful game that enables one to develop spatial thinking. It also improves the ability to concentrate.  Some challenges in this game have a time limit, which makes it quite exciting for kids who have crossed over a few initial levels. The pressure helps to build up the quick reflexive skills of a child.

2. Brain Boss

Play has a powerful impact on the cognitive development of a child. Brain Boss combines the fun and excitement of play with memory-boosting challenges. The player has to tap the right number with the right color at the right time. There is a time limit for each number. One wrong tap reduces the player’s time for each round. 

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It may sound quite simple and easy, but it isn’t. Flicking through the numbers and clicking on the correct ones teases a child’s brain to its limit.

3. Card Match

Card Match, as the name suggests, is a colorful card game specially designed for kids. They have to match pairs of zany card characters within a given time frame. While some people may take it as a simple game that’s a no brainer but it requires sharp visual-memory skills.

The best part of this game is its illustration. The fun and funky images are a treat for kids. Plus the quirky, funny characters keep them smiling throughout the sessions. 

The goal is to match two pairs for scoring points. And the players have to be as fast as possible because the liquid bar runs out quite fast as levels progress. The levels are exciting and help to develop razor-sharp memory skills of the young players.

4. Bouncing Letters

Puzzle games are perhaps the only games where cheating is nearly impossible. These tag along with countless cognitive benefits for a child. As Nancy Maldonado states in an article that puzzles bring “an opportunity for young children to focus on an activity that has an ending.”

Based on this perception, Unlimited Games Mo brings an innovative puzzle game for children. It goes by the title Bouncing Letters, and it involves forming words with letter balls until all the letters of that level end. 

When you feel that your child has got the hang of this game, you may opt for the timed levels. This improves their brain function and compels them to think faster. The memory racing practice is great for your child.

5. Dog Dream House

The design of this game is particularly suitable for kids aged eight and beyond. It is an interactive, online, memory game that asks the player to design a custom-made house for a demanding dog. The pup has a very specific model and asks the player to follow the construction to every minute detail. 

The tap and click construction in this game is a perfect fit for forgetful children. It structures their observation and concentration skills. The game only gives five chances to the player. They have to observe and construct accordingly. Failure to follow details inevitably leads to the loss of points.

Some parents may wrongly assume that it involves finicky measurements and strategic tools. However, it’s not true. There is just a structure they have to dope to its very detail.

6. Lightning Librarian

This game is as amusing as its title! It is a perfect game to perk up the short term memory of your child. Lydia, the librarian, is wandering about in the library at a very fast speed. She has to spot the desired books for children before they start getting upset.

The player has to drop all unwanted books in the “return” box. The player has to remember the position of the books on the shelves. It keeps the child hooked through the session by its striking graphical illustrations and funny sounds.

Final Word

Games take a whole new turn in the light of stats like 60% of the children play games on smart devices by the age of eight. It gives us an idea that we must shift our perceptions, too. It’s about time that we, as parents and teachers, should expose our kids to technology to a certain extent. A strategic approach is bound to bring substantial benefits to their overall development.