Friends or family members have just welcomed a new life into this world and you want to buy them a gift. Searching for the perfect present for new parents can prove difficult.

With so much choice, many people find it a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what gift is best. Before you go out and spend your hard-earned money, ask the parents what they need. It is highly likely that other people have bought gifts already, so you don’t want them to have two of the same things. In lots of countries, giving birth can prove financially draining, so asking parents can help you get something they need. Most new parents on a budget only really want diapers or milk formula, so to help them save money, this might be the best option. Practical gifts for new parents are sometimes the best, especially when it comes to a new baby. 

Baby Bottle Sanitizer

Every new parent should have a baby bottle sanitizing machine. Young babies are delicate as they are building immunity so they must avoid harmful bacteria which can often be transmitted while being fed. Common symptoms in babies caused by bacteria are:

  • Food poisoning
  • Stomach Flu
  • Rotavirus
  • Diarrhea
  • Hepatitis A
  • Vomiting

Although hand washing babies bottles with soap and hot water does clean them, sterilizing is still very important. Lots of parents sterilize their baby’s bottles by putting them into hot water for a few minutes. This works well, however it can be a bit frustrating, so the other option is to use a bottle sterilizer. 

These sterilizers are available in two different types: Electric or microwave. These help kill 99.9% of bacteria in a very short space of time. 

If your friends or family don’t have a sterilizer already, it will make for a practical present that they will probably use every day for the next few years. 

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are very useful devices for new parents. Due to modern technology, baby monitors have come a long way from the days of one way radio. 

The latest baby monitors on the market have a wide array of different functions and features. Some of these built-in features include:

  • Monitors the baby’s temperature
  • Some use sensors to help track the child’s movement while they are asleep. You will be alerted if there is a problem
  • Helps monitor the baby’s breathing
  • Monitor the baby’s heart rate
  • Transmit a video to a screen

Some baby monitors connect with an app on your smartphone so you can watch your baby from any location. For parents who work long hours away from the home will find this beneficial.

New parents often find it hard to relax after their child is born, so a baby monitor can help them feel at ease while their child is sleeping. If they need to get some chores done, a baby monitor will allow them to step away from their baby and get whatever needs to be done. 

Although you might be thinking that a baby monitor is going to cost a small fortune, there are plenty of affordable ones available online. 

Personalized Items

There are many companies that make personalized baby products. Parents and babies love soft teddy bears, and these companies will put the baby’s name on them. You can also get blankets, pillows, clothes, etc. with the newborn’s name stitched into the material. If you are good at sewing, why not save some money and do it yourself. 

You can also get personalized bedtime storybooks. These colorful books will have the baby’s name on the cover of the book, and even on pictures throughout it. You can write your own personal message on the first page. 

Personalized memory boxes are a great idea that allows parents to keep items from the baby’s first few years. Parents often keep these boxes for many years and sometimes like to give them to their children as a birthday gift when they get older. 

Customized night lights are also a popular choice. Many parents like to keep a night light in their child’s room, so buying one with their name displayed on it will prove to be a nice gift. 


Everybody has heard people saying that kids grow so fast. Well, when it comes to babies, this is absolutely true! Try to avoid purchasing clothes size 0-3 months . New parents normally have a lot of these items, which the baby will probably grow out of them in a very short space of time. Purchase bigger sizes so when the baby grows, the parents will be prepared. 

Most baby shoes are a nightmare to keep on. They easily fall off and get lost. However, a popular choice of baby shoes that parents are buying are baby moccasins. These recommendations by The Mama Zone are an ideal gift for new parents, as they are difficult to fall off a baby’s foot as they are secured with an elastic band. They also look great and are very comfortable. 

Expandable onesies are a popular gift. Unlike traditional onesies, the materials used in these outfits expand so when the child grows they can still fit into them.

To avoid a baby from scratching their skin, they need to wear mittens. Because babies, especially newborn’s skin, are so sensitive, scratching can leave a permanent mark. Parents need a lot of pairs of mittens because they will get dirty easily. 

Practical gifts for new parents

Instead of thinking outside the box, practical baby items are often the best gifts for new parents, who can never have enough of these items. Here is a list of things parents will need:

  • Lotions
  • Diapers
  • Shampoos
  • Creams 
  • Bottles
  • Nipple for bottles
  • Baby wipes

If their parents are using formula you could find out what brand they use and buy them some.  Formulas can cost parents a lot of money, so they will be very grateful for such a thoughtful gift. 

If the mother is breastfeeding, a breast pump is a great idea for a gift. They help extract milk whenever the mother is ready. You can purchase storage milk bags also. 

Mosquitos are harmful pests that can make your baby very ill. Dengue fever and Malaria kill people all around the world, and because newborns tend to have a weak immune system, they are at high risk. To help protect babies, mosquito repellent is necessary. Newborns can’t use normal, adult repellant, as their skin is too sensitive. There are however sprays that can go on babies’ clothes. You can also purchase mosquito repellent stickers that go on onesies or their blanket. 

Gifts For New Parents That Don’t Cost Money

Not all gifts have to cost money, especially as some parents have already purchased everything they need. Some of the best things in life are free, so instead of spending your cash, tell the parents that you will help clean their house, take out the trash, mop the floor, etc. If there is some gardening to do or home renovations, giving a helping hand will be a great way of showing you care.  

New parents sometimes find it difficult to adapt to their new life. Being able to cook a homemade meal can prove difficult. So perhaps cooking a 3 course meal and treating them to a nice glass of wine might be a good gift.