Numerade—an online education platform founded with a mission to provide equitable access to high-quality STEM instruction—has launched a slew of free online STEM courses as part of their summer camps open to students at the middle, high school, and college levels.

Keeping in line with the company’s mission to provide equitable access to high-quality instruction, the platform offers more than 300000 step-by-step video solutions to problems in the most popular STEM textbooks and leading test prep books.

The videos are all teacher-made with walk-through solutions and full courses in Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, Engineering, and Economics.

With over 2 million students worldwide, Numerade has stepped up its feature list to include safe asynchronous learning support through their unique “Office Hours” feature that allows educators to record short video lessons for their students

Numerade’s course offerings including SAT Test Prep, Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics, are all taught by top-ranked STEM PhDs, college professors, and high school teachers. What’s more, students can enroll in this free STEM online program( which began on June 1st ) with ongoing enrollment available further on. 

Numerade’s free summer STEM camps are designed with the intent to help students get a headstart on the courses they will be taking in the fall or as an enrichment opportunity in which they can take courses not offered at their school. Students may also use these free online stem courses to catch up on any material missed due to school closures caused by Covid-19. Each course follows the common core curriculum and covers an entire semester’s worth of material, delivered each week in drip mode in a short, digestible video format.

By taking our engaging STEM courses this summer, students will not only acquire foundational knowledge but also be positioned to excel next school year. The summer camps are completely free and available asynchronously on any device, making them a great option for any student interested in getting ahead in their learning- Nhon Ma, CEO and Co-Founder of Numerade.

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Course offerings include the following:

Test Prep

  • SAT Prep—This course will cover in-depth what students need to know for the math, reading, writing, and essay portions of the SAT, including test-taking techniques and practice problems.

Precalculus and Calculus

  • Precalculus—This course weaves together algebra, geometry, and mathematical functions used in pre-calculus and beyond and will cover basic properties of functions, conic sections, matrices and determinants, introductory trigonometry, and probability.
  • Calculus 1 / AB—Students will learn how to solve calculus problems on topics including limits, continuity, derivative rules, optimization, and related rates.
  • Calculus 2 / BC—Students will learn to compute the area of curves and cover topics including integrals, Riemann sums, techniques of integration, improper integration, differential equations, and Taylor series.
  • Calculus 3—Numerade’s highest level calculus summer camp will go in-depth into vector and vector functions in 2D and 3D, multivariable differential calculus, and double integrals in both the Cartesian and Polar coordinate planes.


Chemistry and Physics

  • Chemistry 101—Students will engage in experiments that demonstrate real-life applications of chemistry and delve into measurements, atomic theory, bonding, stoichiometry, states of matter, solutions, acids, and bases, and titrations.
  • Chemistry 102—This course builds on Chemistry 101 by helping students uncover and explore principles governing atomic structure, bonding, states of matter, stoichiometry, and chemical equilibrium.
  • Physics 101 Mechanics—In this course, students will discover what’s behind phenomena including one-dimensional motion or kinematics and studyNewton’s laws of motion, energy, forces, momentum, circular motion, rotational motion, and rolling and slipping objects.
  • Physics 102 Electricity and Magnetism—This virtual laboratory course will introduce students to thermodynamics (temperature, heat, heat engines, entropy), electricity, and magnetism.
  • Physics 103—Students explore all kinds of waves including mechanical, sound, light, and quantum mechanics, and delve deep into concepts at the leading edge of the field.

Students at the middle, high school, or college level interested in enhancing their understanding of key STEM subjects are invited to register. Registration is now open for all courses at:

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