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India has a food tradition of adapting to the seasons. The monsoons are setting in now, and the body needs food that naturally produces heat in the body. Jaggery(Gud) has been considered a power food that helps produce warmth in the body by dilating blood vessels. Millets are another power food group indigenous to India that makes for a natural protein-packed meal. This recipe has been contributed by Jayalakshmi Sakthivelan- a grandmom and a passionate food innovator. She brings the goodness from traditional food and matches it to the needs of today’s fast lifestyle.

Here, she shows us the recipe for making fluffy millet pancakes packed with micronutrients from Gud(jaggery). This version is the millet flour pancake without eggs.

The best millet pancakes recipe for toddlers:

My sister’s 18-month-old toddler actually stopped eating everything else, and then I suggested this recipe because it is a quickest way to make the millet pancake mix.

Result: Toddler couldn’t even wait till it cooled down to have the next bite, and my sister was blown away by how quick, easy and nutritious this was! Proof that these are the best millet pancakes for toddlers.


Foxtail millet(Thinai)- 1 Cup

Unpolished rice- 1/2 cup

Urad Dal – 1/4 cup

Fenugreek- 1 Tsp

Grated Cocunut- 1 cup

Jaggery – 1 cup Ghee (as needed)


-Soak the millets and rice(separately) overnight.

-Soak fenugreek and urad dal for 30 minutes.

– Grind all the above soaked ingredients to a coarsely ground batter with a pinch of salt.

– Heat half a cup of water and melt jaggery.

– Cool and filter the jaggery water.

– Mix with the ground batter.

– Heat pan and cook the pancakes with ghee(shown in video)

– Garnish with coconut on one side.

– Your Fold and serve hot.



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