Amar Chitra Katha

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Last evening, I was summoned into the Principal’s office for something my daughter did. I waited anxiously for the shell to fall…and then it came…

“Ananya was reading Amar Chitra Katha during her Hindi class!!!

Phew!!! That was a relief!

My next thought, quite frankly- ” Does she really expect me to admonish the child for doing this?”

I even found myself trying hard to suppress my smile in front of her as memories of my own school days came flooding –the notorious me who always had 2 books together – one hiding between the other!

So, I feigned some disapproval(I hope I pulled it off) and promise of appropriate action till the Principal seemed satisfied.

I came out looking for Ananya – and found her where? In their make-shift library with her nose into another book; making the most of the extra minutes! What could I say to her?

Part of me wanted to give her a hi-five…part of me was investigating an appropriate way to sort this out without her getting into further trouble. But the most part just wanted to stand aside and watch the mini-me there…just to live my childhood once again- all over!