Follow my instructions

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I was going through an old pile of papers and found something very amusing that I had scribbled down on a piece of paper…and this was way before I had started blogging.

Ananya had just turned 3 and Ameya was three months away from turning 2. And I had recently taught Ananya to cover her mouth while coughing.

So, the two girls were on the bed looking at a picture book when Ameya had a bout of cough. Ananya turned to her and taught what she had been taught, “Close your mouth when you cough”.
Of course, Ameya being Ameya AND being so young, did not really pay any attention to her dear older sister.
Older sis looked at me and complained, ” Ameya is not listening!!!”

To comfort her, I said, “She is still very young. We will have to tell her many times before she can make it a habit.”

Imagine my amusement when she turned to her little sis and started, “Close your mouth while coughing, close your mouth while coughing, close your mouth while coughing…..”!!!

Yeah..right! That’s how you follow instructions!

Oh! Kids and their minds!