“Fancy Nancy” is a popular television show on Disney Junior which follows the adventures of a girl who brings fanciness to everything from her advanced vocabulary to her creative, elaborate attire, and so much more. The stories, geared towards kids ages 2-5, have an underlying theme of self-expression, originality, and love of family.

Fancy Nancy recently enjoyed the start of a toy line that features lovely and fancy items. Below are examples of some of the toys that this series has created:

My Friend Fancy Nancy—This doll retails for $34.99. Dressed in signature fashion, Fancy Nancy is ready for a day of fancy play. With her fully poseable arms and legs and twelve-points of articulation, Nancy is ready for any adventure your imagination creates! She is dressed in her signature outfit from the Disney Junior television series — leggings, shoes and tiara that are removable for fashion play!

Shall We Be Fancy Talking Fancy Nancy™ Doll—This doll retails for $39.99. When you press her butterfly necklace you will hear Nancy say 35+ phrases! Or sing the Fancy Nancy theme song “Add a Little Fancy” together and watch Nancy’s dress change colors in a très belle light show! Kids can use the butterfly bracelet for colorful lights and music and the Interactive doll works with and without the interactive bracelet. The doll stands at approximately 15-inches tall and features nine points of articulation. The doll comes dressed in Nancy’s signature fashion — removable fabric skirt, signature striped leggings, and molded bodice and shoes. Doll also includes two Tiaras, a pair of sunglasses, a purse, and a boa.

Nancy Fancy Ballerina—This doll retails for $19.99. Nancy is poised and ready for a fantastique ballet performance.  Play with Nancy to make her grand jete through the air, perform ballet moves and even take a bow! The Fancy Nancy Ballerina doll features seven points of articulation, and comes with a wand and removable tiara, tutu and leg warmers. Kids can press the buttons on the dolls bodice to watch Nancy transform into the fanciest of ballerinas. Her arms will raise into the air and her legs will form the perfect Grand Jeté with pointed toes! Following her performance, her feet lay flat as she bends at the waist to take a bow. The doll is compatible with Make Nancy Fancy Fashion Doll assortment fashions and accessories!

Make Nancy Fancy (Assortment)—This set retails for $12.99. Nancy loves to be fancy in everything including her creative outfits. Now you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with the Make Nancy Fancy doll assortment. Each doll comes with a special bag of fancy you can use to decorate her outfit or create your own magnifique design! The assortment includes the Parisian, Winter Wonderland and Tea Time dolls. The dresses, hair accessories and shoes are removable.The fashion doll features three points of articulation

Make Nancy Fancy Classique—This set retails for $12.99. Nancy loves to be fancy in everything including her creative outfits. Now you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with the Classique Make Nancy Fancy doll in her signature outfit from the show!

Make Nancy Fancy Accessories (Assortment)—These items retail for $7.99. Nancy loves adding a flair of fancy to every day activities.  Dress your Make Fancy Nancy doll in these Fashionista accessories and she is ready for a très chic day. There are four different sets. Each accessory pack includes fancy things from her world:

  1. Fashionista: Boa, Purse, 2 Pairs of Sunglasses, Gladiator Sandals, and a Fluffy Bow.
  2. Garden Fairy: Butterfly Wings, Tutu, Necklace, Wand, Tiara and Sneakers.
  3. Winter Wonderland: Earmuffs, Mittens, Scarf, Tiara and Snow Boots
  4. Sleepover: Robe, Pillow, Overnight Bag and Brush.

Fantastique (Assortment)—These kits retail for $14.99. The Fantastique Assortment provides key role-play themes for girls to play out with their My Friend Fancy Nancy doll.  The assortment includes 2 sets for some fancy fun:

  1. Fantastique Tea Set: Tea Pot with Lid, Creamer, Sugar Bowl with Lid, 2 Tea Cups, 2 saucers, 2 spoons, a cake stand and 3 pastries.
  2. Fantastique Vanity Set: purse, hair dryer, brush, play lipstick, atomizer, and play nail polish.
  3. Pieces from these sets compliment the My Friend Fancy Nancy doll

Fancy Nancy Dress—This dress retails for $19.99. Now girls can be fancy just like Nancy in her signature dress! The Fancy Nancy dress is her signature outfit from the Disney Junior television series and includes shimmery bodice, pink detailed neckline, blue sash and double layer taffeta skirt with iridescent trim. Bodice includes character cameo of Fancy Nancy.

Fancy Boa (Assortment)—These Boss retail for $9.99. Every girl can use a fancy boa! This Fancy Nancy Boa assortment is the perfect accessory for getting fancy! Each boa comes with two color coordinated hair clips to accessorize your look and is the perfect compliment to any dress up moment. They include four layers of butterfly-shaped organza, glitter print on two layers of the boa, are approximately 46” long and come in pink, multi-color, and purple.

Fancy Tiara and Necklace Set—This set retails for $9.99. Girls can show their fancy style from head to toe with the fancy accessories set! The can complete their Fancy Nancy look with her gorgeous shimmery necklace inspired by the show The necklace even features a cameo of Fancy Nancy!

Fancy Shoes—These shoes retail for $6.99. Girls can show their style from head to toe with the Fancy Shoes! These pink, glitter infused shoes come with sparkly butterfly toppers and VUM (that’s fancy for super shiny) Fancy Nancy cameos

Fancy French Phone—This incredibly detailed phone retails for $14.99. No one does fancy like Nancy and her phone is the perfect accessory to bring fancy to you! The Fancy French Phone has telephone sounds, light up effects and 9+ fantastique phrases from Nancy herself! Inspired by the Disney Junior television series. It includes a working rotary dial.

Ooh La La Music Box—This detailed jewelry box retails for $19.99. Kids can wind up the music box and watch as Fancy Nancy zips around the Eiffel Tower on her scooter to the new Disney Junior television series. It includes storage drawer and butterfly ring for the girl that fits inside the drawer

Fancy Nancy Figurines—These figurines retail for $14.99. Kids can play out their favorite moments from the television series with this Fancy Nancy Figures set. This set includes her best friend Bree, Grace, her Marabelle Doll and her dog Frenchy.

Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy is adored by millions of little girls.

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