A European holiday is not complete without France. France is not just Paris. There are also the dozens of medieval French cities built on the banks of rivers, the doll-like villages perched on the invisible heights of the Alps, and the islands that nest in the embrace of the Mediterranean, which tempt us to travel to experience a French flavor. After all, expensive perfumes come in small bottles. The small french cities have much to offer and are worth putting on our holiday itineraries. 

Your European holiday cannot be complete without these five french cities stealin your heart


Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel

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It is located in the north of France, where the sea of ​​Normandy plays… strange games with the land. Mont Saint Michel is an island connected by a strip of land with the rest of France. However, twice a month, the tide covers this strip, making the island look cut off and completely fairytale-like.

And this is because it hosts a castle city. Its walls protect the beautiful medieval city centered on the Gothic abbey of the Benedictines, in which is kept a famous golden statue of the Archangel Michael. You can reach Mont Saint Michel on the opposite shores on horseback from the nearby Beauvoir for an extra dose of a fairy tale.



Colmor: European Hoiday

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Alsace is one of the most beautiful French cities and has some of the most picturesque villages in the whole country. Colmar is the best example, a town with colorful canals, an old town with medieval streets, remarkable architecture, and a sense of a hospitable fishing village. The Monastery-Museum of the city hides artistic treasures. At the same time, just outside Colmar, in the Gazon du Faing, you will find yourself in front of a sweet gorge with fabulous views and options for nature-loving activities, tinging your European holiday with a rich culture-and-heritage feel. 

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Riquewihr: European Holiday

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It is called Rikvir, located in the Upper Rhine valley, in northeastern France, and is known as the “village of winegrowers”, as the famous Riesling variety is produced here. It is very close to Colmar but even more fairytale since here the medieval character and the architecture of the 15th century have been preserved intact. Towers, cellars that were turned into shops, and houses decorated all year round with impressive flowers are the scenery that has inspired the village of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. According to tradition, the colorful “mood” of the village is due to the old rule of the settlement, each building to be painted a different colour, depending on the owner’s profession.



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Chamonix is ​​a settlement in Upper Savoy in southwestern France, built on top of Mont Blanc. It is considered one of the oldest winter resorts in Europe, with the Chamonix valley stretching at the foot of the village. Its charming streets are filled every winter with a cosmopolitan audience from all over the world, while skiing and winter sports fans show a special love for it since from here they easily reach by cable car the top of Aiguille du Midi and the famous off-road route Vallée Blanche.

The community became even more famous when it first hosted the Winter Olympics in 1924. In any case, it is a destination worth visiting through Nuco Travel‘s comprehensive accommodation packages, which guarantee you the best services at the most affordable prices for a European holiday. 


Anncey: European Holiday

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Annecy is considered the “pearl of the Alps”, with canals running through the settlement and a spectacular lake against the backdrop of the imposing Chateau d’Annecy that “crowns” the state. Do not neglect to try local flavors, such as the special raclette, i.e. Swiss cheese melted on an open fire with potatoes and pickled onions. At the Bridge of Love, you will find a photogenic backdrop for romance, at the Palais de l’Isle, you will do the necessary medieval sightseeing, and in the Gardens of Europe, you will enjoy the sunny days by the lake. 

Featured Photo by Pierre Blaché from Pexels