Book Review

Enid Blyton’s Summertime Stories

Author – Enid Blyton

Publisher – Hachette Children’s Group

Age Recommendation – 4-6 years

From picnics in the sunshine to daring outdoor adventures, Enid Blyton brings the excitement and magic of summertime in her unique style. Written in simple language and easy flow, the book is great for emerging readers- perfect for classroom reading or bedtime read-aloud stories alike!

The book is a collection of 30 stories built on little magical characters like pixies and gnomes, naughty insects and birds, friendly animals and funny people reflect on essential virtues of life, making them a complete package of fun and entertainment. The powerful messaging at the end of every story reminds us of our own Panchatantra stories for children.

The book begins with a story about two over-worked and starved pixies looking for some rest and food while finishing off the errands they are supposed to do. Coincidentally, they find a boat laden with everything required for a nice sunny picnic complete with food, juices, books and an umbrella. But – enjoying these luxuries comes at a cost.

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The story of the four caterpillars turning into butterflies and donating their furry coat to a pixie in the process is a beautiful example of transformation and kindness, while also taking kids through the metamorphosis of a caterpillar.  The story featuring a hedgehog named Prickles who uses its prickly body to collect plums for a pixie to make jam brings the message that it is possible to help others, regardless of one’s capacity. Then thereSummertime stories Enid Blyton are stories which highlight the faithfulness of dogs to their masters and their love for burying bones which unearths a trunk full of ancestral jewels for the family.

A steady dose of laughter is provided by Mr And Mrs Twiddle in their tales where Mr Twiddle brings home Polly the talkative Parrot instead of Polly the little girl and how he keeps finding coins in the garden which were actually the same coins falling from a hole in his pocket.

There are stories of the toys coming to life after dusk which are full of magic, fun and adventure whether it’s the toy train which loses its way or the tricycle with a horse that loses its tail. There are stories of bees who are the postmen for the flowers scattering pollen from one flower to another, speaking of kindness.  The story of two poor children who remove all the glass shards from the beach so that no one gets hurt spoke to us, with the massive pollution of Natural resources happening everywhere.

Each of the stories a touch of simplicity and captures the spirit of childhood so beautifully that we are left craving for our childhoods as well!

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Enid Blyton’s Summertime Stories is published by Hachette’s Children’s Group and available on Amazon.