tap water

Image courtesy: cutcaster.com

My hubby taught the kids a new ritual before their daily bath. Every morning, once they have the water in their buckets, they were taught to chant this:

      Gange cha yamunechaiva

      Godavari Sarasvathi

      Narmade Sindhu Kaveri

      Jalesmin Sannidhim kuru.

The purpose of this chant is to invite all the great rivers into your bucket of water and pray for the same purifying effect as bathing in the rivers.

One day, as he was getting ready to bathe them, he asked the kids, ” You did not chant your bathing shloka (prayer) today?”

Ananya’s response: ” Appa, I chanted the Shloka to the tap instead of the bucket yesterday. So, whatever comes out of it will be blessed. No need to chant everyday!”

Efficiency at its best?