If there’s one thing that has constantly fascinated mankind, it is the question about how infants are able to pick up cues about the world they live in. Scores of researchers are still curious about how those little neurons wire up. What fires their brains? What excites them? How do they learn? How do they remember? How do they pick up languages? Early childhood development has long held mankind’s fascination.

Today, we know from brain research that 80% of brain development happens by the age of 3. It is a critical time for providing adequate nutrition and care. Child development experts recommend making the most of this window of development. Governments around the world are crafting policies to meet this need for children. 

Studies point out that the brain doubles in size and major strides in language comprehension, motor skills and hand-eye coordination take place. The development that occurs during this time forms the basis of all future learning, making it an ideal window to provide the right mental stimulation to babies. 

Generations upon generations of parents have wanted to do just the right thing for the development of their children, but parents, most of all, need help. Just like a medical invention does not help the common man as long as it is restricted to the research lab,  research around child development insights need interventions for practical application.  My friend and parenting expert Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi,  has stepped up to address this burning need of parents struggling to shape experiences for their babies in a way that maximizes their learning. However, parents face a real problem. The market is flooded with toys, but not all of them are scientifically vetted to provide the right stimulation for the baby. 

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Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi is a child development expert herself and is the founder of the Brainy Bear foundation. She has also started a line of Early Learning Products for children under the brand name of The Brainy Bear Store with a mission to educate young parents. 

What does the Brainy Bear Store Offer for Early Childhood Development?

The Brainy Bear Store has recently launched Early Skills and Brain Development subscription boxes that are scientifically vetted and mapped to development milestones in children. A total of 8 subscription boxes have been curated for children between the ages of 0 and 2. Each box is curated by highly experienced trainers working in the area of early childhood education and parenting experts. The activities are based on the Multiple intelligence theory by Howard Gardner and on the principles of Montessori and Waldorf to unlock the learning potential of babies while giving them the joy of learning and exploration. 

Compliant with Global Standards for Early Childhood Development

The products and activities of each box have been mapped with CDC guidelines by WHO and have been developed and manufactured in India by local craftsmen. They are handcrafted, non-toxic, and plastic-free, along with international CE certification. The products comply with ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Foundation) as prescribed by UN & National Education Policy 2020. 

The curated boxes have the potential to develop problem-solving skills and are designed to encourage independent play & exploration.  Each subscription box is based on a specific age bracket and comes with 8-9 well-researched activities that help in achieving milestone developments such as – visual & cognitive skills (0-3 months), creative senses (4-6 months), multiple intelligence (7-9 months), fine motor skills (10-12 months), life skills (13-14 months), problem –solving skills (16-18 months), independent play (19-21 months), pincer grip (22-24 months). 

Some of the elements of the Early Skills and Brain Development Box are high-resolution simulation tools for infants and toddlers, educational flashcards, pincer grip development activities, building hand dexterity activities, language, and early math/numeracy to support early age development. 

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A Local for Vocal Initiative for Early Childhood Development

The subscription-based model delivers state-of-the-art and age-appropriate learning experiences to children at economical prices, which is possible because of the local sourcing. These subscription boxes can be availed every quarter based on individual requirements. With a flexible pricing model, the subscription boxes can be availed under different options where customers can opt to buy their current consignment as well as for the next quarter based on their convenience.  

As the primary vehicle for early childhood education, toys are instrumental in overall development. The right toys can initiate interactive experiences and can stimulate play and development, facilitating the healthy growth of their minds and bodies. 

You can subscribe to the Brainy Bear box here: https://brainybearstore.com/pages/subscription-page

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