The pandemic has shaken up a lot of industries, but everyone would agree that education has been the most disrupted field. There is a cloud of uncertainty regarding the functioning of schools and the effectiveness of classrooms in the post-COVID era, clearly augmented by the digital divide caused by the sudden spike in demand for learning devices and channels. 

Unlike developed nations, most of India’s education is provided by private organizations and funded by school-goers/caretakers. While many of our teachers and children have adapted to digital learning and teaching styles, there is still a veritable gap in digital teaching and learning capabilities. It almost seems like supplementary digital platforms are now taking the place of the ‘tuitions’ for students. 

However, the question remains- how expensive are these platforms?

Going by the current trend, the majority of supplementary digital learning platforms seem to be almost as expensive as the school itself. While many students are left out from education due to high school fees, the digitization of learning seems to compound technology and infrastructure challenges with high-costs. However, one thing does not seem to have changed- the quality of learning is just as dependent on the quality of the teachers. 

Closing The Digital Divide With Strategic Alliances

Eduaraa, a new premium digital learning platform, is designed with a vision to combat these challenges. With a strategic alliance with Zee5, Eduaraa is harnessing the penetration of television in India to bridge the digital divide, blending education and entertainment across 75 million households in India, with Ranveer Singh helping the brand reach its intended audience as the brand ambassador.

The platform offers classes for children of grades 6-12 from a selection of 9 boards –  ICSE, CBSE, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu to suit the child’s needs.  The team is laser-focused on building a teaching network by hiring the best teaching talent from the top 10 schools of the country and making them accessible to millions of children across the country.

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Apart from providing supplemental material for classroom-based learning, Eduaraa also provides material on Value Added Services (VAS), such as e-books, test papers, MCQ’s, mind maps.  The VAS also includes real solved question papers from the past 10 years for effective practice. Apart from actual test papers from the past, Eduauraa also has mock question papers to prepare children for boards. 

The videos are highly engaging and are currently available in two languages: English and Hindi. They are also available on-demand to suit the student’s learning pace and schedule. 

The packages also include modules for only 4 science-based subjects for students from class 6 to 10- Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Eduaraa


Eduaraa’s team consists of teachers from India’s top 10 schools, subject matter experts, visualizers, animators, editors, and directors working to create a learning experience that every child can partake of, closing the digital divide.


Eduaraa is now offering a special price of INR 999 only per package. A package will allow you to choose a grade and one choice of the board for one child. For example, ICSE and grade 9 counts as one package, and all subjects, concepts, and learning themes pertaining to Grade 9 ICSE  are available for an entire year at INR 999 only. 

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Eduaraa’s tagline is ‘Sapnon Ki Azaadi’ and if there’s consistent quality at this price, it definitely seems like the right place to be for an education revolution! 

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This post is sponsored by Eduaraaa.