My Daddy strongest

And it is still going on…Ameya is SO totally convinced that there is no better man than her dad that she has been begging her dad to let her marry him when she grows up- since this morning…

Ameya: Appa, can I please marry you?
Dad: Why do you want that?
Ameya: Because you are the strongest man…
Dad: We’ll find somebody stronger for you…
Ameya: There is NOBODY like that…Can I marry you please?
Dad: why do you need to marry me?
Ameya: Because I want to be with you always!!!
Dad: But I will always be there for you…even if you marry somebody stronger than me!

Maybe, she has recently understood that you cant stay with your parents forever, but you can stay with the person you have married…!

Ha! The world and its cruel ways….