Crayola, the world’s leading art supplier for kid’s and big kids, has recently delved into a market focusing on writing instruments that are perfect for “back to school” initiatives. This line of writing products is called “Take Note” and they are geared towards for tweens and teens. In fact, some of them are designed to be suitable for teachers and professors, such as the excellent dry-erase markers that come in an array of colors, including the rather unusual shades of Berry Pretty and Glow Party (magenta and yellow).

Below is a list of the type of “Take Note” pens and their merits.

  • Erasable Highlighters—Easily the most impressive offerings in the “Take Note” line, these highlighted right smoothly, boldly, and vibrantly. They also erase exactly as advertise, leaving no trace of the color that was previously on the page. It’s an almost magical effect and hard to believe until you see it for yourself.
  • Dual Ended Highlighters—These pens are perfect for anyone studying from a textbook, be they elementary school pupils or doctorate students. Each pen has a thick side and a thin side that write in equally impressive colors without streaks or hesitation.
  • Gel Pens—These pens write smoothly and easily in an array of colors. They are professional enough to rival Paper Mate, but bear the colorful signature of Crayola.
  • Permanent Markers—These pens are Crayola’s answer to Sharpie and they write smoothly and with incredible pigment in an array of beautiful colors.
  • Washable Felt—These pens operate just like traditional felt except they can be washed away if a mistake is made, an impossibility for traditional felts. Unsurprisingly, they also come in a vibrant array of colors with fun names.
  • Dry Erase Markers—These pens are intended for a white board. Although competing companies usually offer them in red, blue, black and occasionally green only, Crayola’s pack includes all those colors plus pink, yellow, purple and brown in fun colorful names. They write smoothly and erase without a trace, even if they’ve been on the board for several days (as long as the proper solution is used, the lines will vanish).

The items in the “Take Note” line typically retail between $4 and $20. To learn more, visit the official website of Crayola or check out this extensive video testing each type of pen from the line:

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Crayola’s new “Take Note” line targets older kids, teachers, and even adult learners.