Continuum Games has just released three new board games that promise players a jolly holiday. With a motto of “connecting generations thru play,” it’s easy to see how childhood memories are made when playing any of their old-timey card, dice and craft games with loved ones. Continuum Games boasts a catalog of over 100 game titles, guaranteeing the perfect present.

The one-stop toyshop,, lists its inventory by age and by category and produces old fashioned games that do not require batteries or WiFi. Among their most recent offerings are the below:

  • Play Nine • Ages 8+ • $14.99
  • Whether you own a set of clubs or just like pitch-and-putt, this golf-themed card game requires players to aim for the lowest score. Draw, flip and discard card values range from -5 (hole-in-one) to 12 (out of bounds). Ideal for 2 to 6 players. This game is easy to learn but more challenging than it looks. The goal is to match cards to get “minus points” resulting in the absolute lowest score after three rounds.
Continuum Games

Continuum Games produced “Play Nine.”

  • Word Q • Ages 8+ • $12.99
  • Choose a puzzle from the Word Q book and setup the letter tiles that are shown in the puzzle. Then, rearrange the letters in a grid-like configuration so they form words in every row and column. It contains 40 puzzles in different difficulty levels from Beginner to Word Q-Pro offer a variety of challenges. This game is very fun for word-lovers. If you enjoy Scrabble, this is highly recommended. While it’s fun to play with other people, it’s also meditative to play alone and has appeal for adults, not just kids.
Continuum Games

“Word Q” is a fun offering from Continuum Games.

  • Diggin’ Dino Bones • Ages 4+ • $19.99
  • You are a paleontologist commissioned to find the bones of a specific dinosaur. Search the excavation site and be the first to find and assemble your dino bone puzzle to win! Players get to choose from T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, or Pterodactyl fossil cards. This game tests your memory skills and is extremely educational and keeps older minds sharp. It’s perfect if you’re trying to improve your thinking skills! This game is very similar to “Go Fish” but it’s more challenging and includes a gorgeous display. Sure to delight children who love dinosaurs, this game will absolutely lead to some great conversations about real dinosaurs and the people who find and study them!
Continuum Games

“Diggin’ Dino Bones” is a fun and beautifully illustrated game from Continuum Games.

To learn more, visit the official website.

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