The lockdown has changed the game for all of us in many areas,  but it would be fair to say that the segment who will probably see only the changed version of the world would be kids. They would probably know very little of a pre-digital era, and the current times are only pushing it to them at an accelerated pace.

Everything from education to entertainment is being hijacked by the digital presence. While it is true that screen time can be very prudently used, there are very clear guidelines from the WHO that children below the age of 2 should receive no screentime. Yes- that’s ZERO screentime for children that young. And the guidelines extended to children aged 5 or below allows only 1 measly hour of screen time per day.

Radio Chimes

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Compare it to how much screentime young children are truly exposed to. In pre-COVID times, it would be a perfectly natural thing to watch a parent feed the child while the child has its eyes glued to the parent’s mobile phone or tablet. In these lockdown times, screentime has only increased exponentially.

No-Screen Entertainment for kids is fast becoming a necessity

To tackle this problem of digital overload for kids, Chimes Radio – a radio station with content focused on providing no-screen entertainment for kids, seems like a breath a fresh air to exasperated parents.

Chimes Radio, a Gurgaon-based radio startup is India’s First Audio platform for kids.

“Our focus is to not only entertain our audience but also to provide them global exposure to expand their knowledge, creativity, imagination and be the best versions of themselves while growing up,’ says Gaurav Gupta, the founder of Chimes Radio.

Addressing a dangerous trend:

Chimes Radio also addresses another unmissable social trend. Due to the lack of availability of child-appropriate music, kids as young as two and three are picking up music that is earmarked by groovy music and double entendres. Of course, it is down to parents to make a choice for their family, but the parent is also faced with frustration due to a lack of quality choices.

‘We provide an alternative ‘No-Screen’ and ‘Kids-safe’ source of entertainment which the entire family can enjoy in their home, in cars and practically anywhere else,’ adds Gaurav.

Chimes Radio has caught on very quickly with over 1.5 lakh listeners monthly with people tuning in from all over India and some also from international locations. The Chimes Radio native iOS and Android apps have been downloaded more than 10,000 times from the stores and are seeing a steady increase in audience numbers on a daily basis.

Chimes Radio

Chimes Radio can be accessed as a:

24X7 digital radio

Radio Chimes On-demand podcast

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It offers a mix of national and internationally sourced music interspersed with jokes, stories, trivia, games, and RJ sessions where the radio plays content about global developments and also focus on inculcating moral values in kids in our own subtle ways.

On-Demand podcasts

The platform publishes one new podcast every day and currently hosts hundreds of podcasts available for on-demand listening. One of the team’s objectives is to have a nice variety of content and shoot for something of interest for everyone using the app.

Chimes Radio is available for free to all listeners through the Android (Google Play store) and iOS Apps (Apple app store). In addition, you can listen to their live radio and the latest podcasts through Alexa and Google Home assistant.

They are also available on all major global radio directories like Streema, Radio Garden, MyTunerRadio, Streamitter, RadioTower, etc. as well as music speakers like Marshall.

We are proud to announce that Chimes Radio has partnered with Kidskintha to bring our favorite ‘#ThisDayThatYear’ Youtube series to other children on the Chimes Radio platform.

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