Mommy's girl


It is evening time. The kids are shunting in and out of the main door making our bedroom the happiest place for mosquitoes- Free access to blood! I close the door in an attempt to salvage the situation – and the next moment I hear a HUGE banging!

I open the door to see Ameya unable to even stand straight…”Amma..urgent toilet”. God knows how long she has been holding it.

She is finally done and out for play again- I close the door and I hear it again..

This time, I see Ananya with a bunch of girls- They are planning a drama…

The girls hustle and bustle, whisper and scream – only to decide to go someplace else.

I close the door – and I hear the banging again.

I know its Ameya. ” Amma, there’s a baby in our apartment. Can you carry it?”

I try my best to explain that I cant carry every baby. The

mom may not like it.

She is seemingly convinced and heads out.

I close the door again and there it is again.

Ananya at the door. “Amma, Can I take my board game outside to play”?

After reminding her to carefully bring it back, I close the door to return to my work.

A couple of minutes, and I hear the banging again.

Ameya! “Amma, can I have the pink bubble gum you bought yesterday?”

I remind her to share it with her friends and give it to her. She is out again.

I am waiting to close the door behind her.

She wears her shoes and stares at me deep in thought.

With a hint of impatience, I ask her, ” Enna Venum?”( What do you want?)”

She stretches her hand and blurts, ” Amma, I want to give the first bite to you!”

My eyes are welling up! And my heart!!!