Our first Chaiversation on “Holistic Wellness For Women’ with a very diverse panel to discuss women’s well-being in a true, holistic manner. Our panel brought in well-rounded perspectives on financial management for women, nutrition, mindfulness, and the importance of community for holistic well-being. Chaiversations

On the panel:

Shweta Manot: Shweta works in the capacity of an associate director at Anand Rathi Wealth Management services. Her in-depth understanding of the market dynamics enables her to manage assets worth over 600 crores for families across Bengaluru, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States. – Shweta is here with us today to talk about the most overlooked aspect of well-being and selfcare for women, which is money management.

Raageshwari: An actor, award-winning singer, performer and MTV VJ. At the peak of her career, she was struck with Bell’s palsy. She recovered with the help of yoga and mindfulness. Her mindfulness career includes her work with her guru Jack Canfield, an affirmation CD with the late Louise Hay, a Tibetan Rites documentary and performing at the Nobel Peace Centre. Raageshwari now lives in London and runs her mindfulness company, Unicorn World Events. She speaks at myriad organizations globally on the power of the mind and is a guest speaker at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. She is also hosting and curating London’s AIM literary festival for children. She is also the author of ‘ Building a Happy Family- 11 practices of mindful parenting’ that is a culmination of her experiences as an award-winning speaker on mindfulness, and her personal journey through success and failure.

Dr. Janaki Badugu: A clinical nutritionist and the founder of Diaita- Eat Right Clinic in Hyderabad. She is a regular columnist on nutrition for magazines like Andhra Jyothi, and hosts a daily program exclusively focusing on nutrition for children on ETV. She is a sought-after nutrition chef, activist and health events organizer.

Neha Kare Kanadar– The founder and leader of the biggest mom community on Facebook with over 4.37 Lakh members. She is also a certified Manifestation coach.