We are getting ready to usher in the festive season in India. Many of us have family rituals, special sentiments, and loads of memories associated with this special time. However, a lot of us do not realize that our culture has plenty to offer as pedagogical aids to help us develop critical thinking and nurture our creative sides.

Bring your cuppa and join us this week for a #Chaiversation with Dr. Madhulika Sagaram.

Dr. Madhulika has a Ph.D. in Molecular and Environmental Plant Science followed by a Master’s with a triple emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction, Social and Leadership development from Texas A &M University, College Station, Texas. Her innovation in English learning using local language, culture, and way of life has been listed among the top 10 innovations in Asia and Africa in Secondary Education. (Results for Development Institute, Washington D.C).

Dr. Madhulika has been a TEDx IIM Ranchi speaker on “Teaching with a difference” and TEDx IIT BHU speaker on “Arts-based learning“.

Dr. Madhulika has designed and implemented Science education programs through her center, The Ajahn center for pedagogy for 50,000 children in Hyderabad integrating arts-based learning with Science and Mathematics as well as installations at the interface of science and art. She has also developed pedagogy to accelerate learning for children especially focused on enhancing the pace of emotional development to reach age-appropriate levels. The pedagogy involving arts-based, place-based perspectives is focused on accelerated learning and enables the learner to reach age-appropriate levels and standards according to grade-level expectations along with the required emotional development within short periods of time.