Ameya is learning ‘Time’ in school.

Her fresh knowledge is giving me fresh troubles.

Gone are those days when I used to conveniently throw this in, ” Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. COoooooooooming. 2 Minutes!!!”

This used to be my line when I heard her banging the door while I was in the middle of a bath, or saw her gesturing frantically with me on a call, or when she asked me to ‘watch’ her dancing/jumping/talking- basically whenever she demanded my attention that I couldn’t give immediately.

Times have changed now. This no longer works.

This morning, as usual I said, ” You get ready. Will be there in 2 minutes.”

I didn’t notice till I heard her counting. 1, 2, 3,4……119, 120.

“Amma, 120 seconds= 2 minutes over. Come now.”

Gosh! We got to be careful with what we say!!!