First off, here’s wishing you a very happy new year!

In the last month, many parents have expressed their concerns over how they can secure their kids from abuse. Well, here are some ways you can get started becoming Security conscious:

1. Accept the possibility of your kids being prospective victims

Such acceptance is no different than accepting that your kid might get typhoid or malaria and taking precautions against the disease by vaccinating them. Failure to accept such a possibility is only making sure that you are left unprepared should such an unfortunate incident happen to your family.

So, accept it. It’s good to pray for safety but if you are not preparing for security, then you ain’t serious about your family’s safety.

Most people want to outsource their risk mitigation to the ‘professionals.’

2. Security is a process filled with risk.

May it be financial security or physical security, most people are not cut-out for risk. At least our education system never taught us to identify and mitigate risks in life. Hence, most people want to outsource their risk mitigation to the ‘professionals’. Financial risks are handed over to guys who haven’t invested in their own products that they sell you and physical security to ex-milkmen from a village.

And because of a lack of such education to mitigate personal risks, most people take risks for granted. For example – if you knew that more than 5000 people die slipping in their bathroom every year, you’ll know the risk of walking blindly into it semi-sleep state tonight.

Some risks have to be taken personally and seriously.

Read our interview with this counter-terrorism expert:

This counter-terrorism expert explains a crucial thing about crime against women and children(Hint: It begins earlier than you think)

3. Take action every day

Conduct small drills with your kids at home. Involve them to find security measures in case of earthquake or fire. This can be an amazingly fun-filled activity. But this needs you to first learn the process and guide your family into accurate measures. Creating drills for road accidents or helping a lost victim are examples of good exercise.

Invest in good personal security education is one.

Public security is to be taken seriously because even though it is an alien subject because it is a critical one!

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Wish you a safe and secure 2018!