Parvathi Ganesh

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Me and the kids have our usual story routine in the night. So, last night, it was this story.

Ganesha becomes very naughty. He spots a cat and teases it , pulling it’s tail and hurting it all over.

When he gets back home, he is shocked to see Parvathi hurt very badly. He is angry and wants to punish the person who did this to his mom. Parvathi says that he himself did it a while ago while teasing the cat.

This story gives the message that God resides in everybody and that nobody should be hurt.

While I was trying to bring the bigger picture i.e the moral of the story into perspective for them, Ananya interrupts.

so, here goes:

Ananya: Did Ganesha pull the tail verrrrrrrrrry hard…

Me: Yes…

Ananya: So, the tail is on the cat’s bottom…So, did Parvathi also have a tail?

Me: No!

Ananya: So, was Parvathi’s bottom hurt badly?

Me: !!!!!!!!!! Umm…I guess so!

Ananya: Did she apply boroline or band-aid?

Oh! kids!