blues and pinks

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My preschooler son Ashu( Davshish) and I  were on our way to my parents place.
We had to stop at one of the signals and,  as usual,  a persuasive street vendor appeared at out window with a toy rabbit.
I was waiting to hear Ashu demanding the toy…but, Surprise!

Ashu( to the window guy): Please go…We dont want the toy…
Me: Ashu…Didn’t you like the toy?
Ashu: No Mumma. I liked the toy. But it is not for me.
Me: Oh. Is it for babies Ashu?
Ashu: No Mumma…Didn’t you see the color of the rabbit? It was pink in color and pink is for girls!

Another day, he was playing with building blocks. He assembled the blocks to make 4 similar looking  guns. Once he was done, this is how he segregated them…
Ashu: Mumma…this one is for you and this one is for Nani (my mom)- the pink ones are for you and nani. I have made two  more blue ones… for me and Papa.

Do we really color code their minds from such a young age or is it nature? Blues and Pinks have much stronger influence that we can imagine……