There’s hardly any industry that has not been affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. This unexpected and extraordinary situation has forced businesses to develop alternative actions and strategies that proved crucial in helping businesses survive and go on with their operations. While the education system has been ruffled up with several challenges, forcing them to develop mechanisms that would enable the process of online assessments with the use of online assessment tools and evaluation without any drawbacks.

That leads us to PBL (Project Based Learning), a proven effective way to maintain online examinations. PBL took the assessment process online and helped sustain the online education process, which brings us to online assessment tools. 

Here are 5 top five online assessment tools that make online learning and evaluation easy. 


ProProfs is an online assessment tool optimized to give smart support with the best possible tools. It has become one of the leaders in LMS (Learning Management System).

The ProProfs tools include training maker, online quiz maker, Q&A forum, shared knowledge, Qualaroo Insights, survey maker, polls maker, brain games, and flashcards.

The best thing about ProProfs is that the company has developed its own service for chatting where you can ask anything, and the support staff will answer proactively. This service is available in every time zone through email, phone support, and chat.

The company has millions of satisfied users so far, and well-established companies such as Ford, Sony, Cisco, Nestle, Dell, and more find it trustworthy.


Providing a platform that promotes detailed and very accurate talent assessment with software that is strictly focused on staff recruitment – that’s what eSkill is all about. If you are in search of the handiest results of knowledge-oriented tests, eSkill will have you covered.

When it comes to recruitment activities, eSkill will allow you to have complete control over their organization and execution. 

You can test all skills that you require your staff to have and upload tests that you made in advance to increase your staff’s efficiency, appearance, and engagement.


Very similar to eSkill, HireSelect will make online assessments a lot more interesting and engaging for every user. Its easy-to-use interface and professional design will give you everything you need from an online assessment software. 

All the tests the company offers are supported by science, which means that the results will be top-notch. It’s especially good in the long run since HireSelect can predict the future performances of those who take tests.

If you want online assessment tools that will have a long-term impact on your company’s performance, HireSelect would be the way to go. Their online assessment software will make only the smartest decisions. 

Think Exam

Think Exam is solely an online examination system that allows you to assign assessments, create tests, set anti-cheat portfolios, define instructions, and make in-depth reports. You can also club multiple tests together and create a product that can, later on, be purchased by a candidate.

This examination system is used worldwide and focuses mostly on recruitment, corporate, education, and numerous other industries. There is a free version you can try, but the paid plan begins at $36.81 per month.

The customer support is second to none – it is available 24/7 through chat, phone support, knowledge base, email, forum, and FAQs. Training on the Think exam can be executed either in person or live online with a video call.

Code signal

CodeSignal offers some more features than the competitors in online assessment have to offer. There is a great variety of game modes as well as guided tracks.

This “gamifying” nature of the CodeSignal platform can be very rewarding, and you will quickly get caught up in earning coins and leveling up as you go. It will be fun to work your way through any problem on this platform, knowing you will be rewarded.

The problems are not too challenging, and you will rarely be left confused, not knowing how to solve them. This platform is one of the most advanced ones you can find for technical hiring through advanced assessment. 

Both smaller and bigger companies throughout the globe use CodeSignal to test, interview and certify their candidates in the overall process of hiring.

How online assessments tools can be used:

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has made face-to-face assessment hard to maintain. As we have mentioned at the beginning, companies (and the educational system) had to find some creative alternatives.

Luckily, the online assessment software saved the day. With numerous assessment tools available on the market, of which we have listed the top five, evaluation in education and skill-building is still as efficient as ever.

Low operating costs, precise evaluation, instant reports, grading and scoring, which is automatic, improved flexibility, and many more benefits of an online assessment software have made the motivation and engagement among examinees more profound.

Finding the right assessment tools may be harder than you think. That’s why you need to carefully define all the requirements and needs of your company beforehand.

Once you have that covered, you can pick the best platform based on your company’s specific needs. All the platforms we have listed above are an excellent choice, and we hope that our list will help you narrow down your search in this field. 

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Photo by Vanessa Garcia from Pexels