Belouga is a new platform that bridges the gap between online and offline learning, giving students and teachers the chance to engage with communities near and far. Making a truly positive impact on society is one of the primary goals of the company which can be tailored to suit classrooms, homeschooling families, cyberschoolers, and more. The platform is also designed to be customizable and suit the specific interests and needs of each individual student, regardless of where in the world they log in from.

Belouga is described as a digital platform that provides education professionals and students with the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with their peers around the world. The platform is driven by interactive content that gives all users an experience to learn about the world, with the world. Founded in 2017, Belouga had already made astonishing strides. They presently partner with over 130 organizations—including the United Nations, Comics Uniting Nations, MindRocket Media Group, Spalding University, and Big Life Foundation, among others—and have a presence in more than 90 countries.

Belouga founder Evin Schwartz is dedicated to the mission of making education impactful and accessible on a global scale through peer-to-peer and classroom connection, communication and collaboration. Having earned a degree in Business and then starting up his own marketing and media company shortly after graduating, Evin is both an entrepreneur and a humanitarian. His visionary approach to education is as inclusive as it is impressive. Partnering organizations range from major corporations, to non-profits, to grassroots movements, as well as professionals in the fields of medicine, environmental experts, and artists. Through his passion for intellect, Evin created a company that builds bridges, not barriers.

Realizing the rapidly changing landscape of technology and education, Evin compiled a team of dedicated professionals to provide teachers and students with a personalized learning experience through community and content without sacrificing creativity or curriculum needs. Utilizing an internal methodology known as CLAI (Curiosity, Learning, Action, Impact), Belouga provides students and teachers with a wealth of real-world learning initiatives, sourced from global organizations and customized to their educational goals and curiosity, followed by action items where they can put their learning to work in their own communities to create impact.


Thanks to the passion and vision of global educators, administrators, parents, and students, Belouga has evolved into an application used in 90+ countries, bringing together the future of the world, especially when it comes to making a social impact. In short, Belouga works with partner organizations to create educational content featured directly within the platform for all K-12 students and teachers to learn from and engage in. However, although the system is most commonly used for kids from K-12, it can also be implemented at the college level.

“We want people to work collaboratively with their peers and society in general,” Evin explained via a recent exclusive interview. “Education is the most viral networking tool in the world and if we can combine educational content with real communities and worthy causes, we can inspire students by proving to them that their actions can make a difference.”

Environmental literacy is one of the most important subjects that Belouga offers—and it’s a topic that many students show intense interest in.

“We ask our partners to share any resources like images, videos, case studies about their organization that may lend itself to a learning experience,” Evin explained. “Our team then puts a scope together for the content, handles the digital creation of it and shares with partner prior to publishing. Partners have full admin access to edit, see engagement and create additional content.”

The forthcoming goals for 2020 really touch on the personalization for each student and teacher within Belouga, along with global expansion into new countries. The professionals at Belouga understand that every child, and teacher for that matter, learn differently and the company wants to provide as many opportunities for them to succeed both in-and-out of the classroom. By creating a personalized experience through content and community, the platform is are able to truly offer all Belouga users digital learning environments that connect to their school requirements but also provide access to real-world learning initiatives. On the expansion side, Evin has already aligned with fantastic global partners to provide access to local networks in need of these resources and connections.

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