The flying pony

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Ameya has come up with a proposal to solve the traffic problem of the world!

Her contraption:
A car which doesnt look like a car but a Pony.
The pony has buttons on it…When you press the green button, you can sit on the saddle and ride…when you press the red button, the Pony opens into a box…You get into the box and there are more buttons inside as welll…If you press the black button, you can ride the pony on the roads when there is not much traffic ( like a car) …if you press the yellow button, the pony will become invisible from outside…if you press the pink button, the invisible pony will fly over the traffic…After you have reached the destination, you press the yellow button again to become visible again….

Me: Why do you need to be invisible?
Ameya: If you are visible, everybody will want to fly and there will be traffic jams in the sky also!!!

Her latest demand: Find a robotics class that will help her develop her contraption:)