A nursery is a separate room that is for a baby. It is a place that you can fill with decoration, appropriate nursery furniture, and other odds and ends to make your child feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

For some people, creating a nursery is simply a given the moment they discover they are expecting a new bundle of joy in their lives.

But what if you’re not sold on the idea of a nursery? If so, this article is for you. In it, we’ll explore the different benefits of having a separate nursery in your home.

To Give Everyone Their Own Space

While the baby may stay in your room the first few months of their life so you can keep a careful eye on your child, eventually you’ll want your room back to yourself. After all, bedrooms are a place of rest, relaxation, and restoration – and we need our own space for that.

Having a nursery also gives your new baby a room to call their own, where they can feel safe and restful themselves. With time, it will evolve into their bedroom, which they can decorate themselves when they get older and begin to develop their own tastes and styles.

It Keeps The House Tidy

Having a nursery means that you can keep all the baby toys, products, and furniture like change tables and cots in one room.

This means that the mess doesn’t spread out and threaten to overwhelm you with tidying and keeping things neat. Having a dedicated play space for the baby in the nursery will reduce the amount of picking up and sorting that you’ll need to do.

You Can Feed the Baby in Private

Whether you breast or bottle-feed, you’ll want somewhere peaceful, calm, and private to carry out this essential task. A nursery offers an oasis away from the rest of the house, particularly if you have older children or your partner works from home or needs their own space and time to themselves as well.

You Can Style It

Part of the joys of creating a separate nursery room is that you have the complete freedom to style the space according to your own tastes and vibe, instead of trying to squeeze a style into another room that might have its own feeling going on already.

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There are many different ways you can style a nursery, so it looks great as well as being a safe and secure space for your new baby.

It’s Safer

Having a nursery with a separate cot is a lot safer than sleeping with the baby. In fact, many authorities on the subject strongly recommend against co-sleeping, as this is very risky for a baby and can result in injury or even a worse outcome. Ensuring your baby has its own safe cot to sleep in is a great move.

Room Conversions Aren’t Forever

It doesn’t have to be a nursery or even a child’s bedroom forever. Once your child grows up and moves out you are free to convert their room into a study or a library or whatever your heart desires. So don’t approach creating a nursery as a permanent alteration to your home.


A nursery is a brilliant idea because it gives everyone in the family, including the baby, their own space. It will help keep the house neat and tidy, as all the baby toys and other assorted items will get confined to one room.

Photo by Alicia from Pexels